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A typical middle class town in southeastern PA. Because someone from a surrounding town got the wrong idea when they saw one of the very few mansions in town, they seem to have gotten the idea that everyone here is rich, snobby, overconfident, and/or over medicated. Not even close to the truth. Turns out, these kids have to babysit and shovel walkways like the rest of you to make their spending money. While most are 'comfortable' (not living paycheck to paycheck or in boxes on street corners), nobody is living in the OC, buddy. Also, its not fair to assume that people living in West Reading are illegal immigrants. It makes you sound like a douche.
'Oh you're from Wyomissing? You must have some good coke connections!'

'Nope, closest I ever got to blow was watching Johnny Depp.'
by realreal December 19, 2009
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As an honors student and resident of West Reading, I was definitely interested in reading your twisted thoughts of the city I have lived in for the majority of my life. I always find it entertaining when I hear people talk about how they cannot walk through West Reading without getting shot. That's bull shit. I am not an illegal immigrant. I have not grown up in broken family. Just because I have not grown up in a family of doctors or lawyers does not mean that I am a worthless idiot nor do I feel at all inferior to my rich Wyomissing peers. In fact, in at least one respect, I feel that I am ahead of them, by which I mean some, including the writer of this wonderful definition, and not all, since I do not stereotype like others. I feel that I am ahead because I do not make such ignorant statements like the writer of this entry does. Have you ever lived in West Reading? Do you have any first-hand experience in the city whatsoever? If the answers to these questions are no, then you have no right to be making such statements.
In case you are thinking that I may be one exception of someone who does not live in Wyomissing but is not like other West Reading residents, I know many other people in West Reading who are in honors classes and go against your definition of a West Reading citizen as well.
by rslwyo January 11, 2009
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Wyomissing is one of the top ranked public schools in United States, let alone Pa. Anyone talking shit against Wyo is either jealous or has no idea what the hell they are talking about. Yes there is old money here, and sometimes that's sickening to deal with, but for the most part it is hard working parents who want to see the very best for their kids. I grew up in a humble part of Berks and moved to Wyo years I know both sides of the tracks.
The Sports teams are well coached and the coaches themselves are very well respected. For such a small enrollment, they make the most of their talent. I am proud of the Spartans and their commitment to winning.
Word..and shit.

Now, for the downside of all this great education..
The school taxes here are out of control and the Superintendent is the biggest bitch in the East.
After everything is said and done, Wyomissing has a great tradition of being an all around great school for kids.
by An Old Man July 10, 2008
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As someone who lives in the heart of Wyomissing I am really surprised by all the comments on this board. Wyomissing is not just for wealthy people. There are plenty of houses that are not mansions. There are semis, townhomes, and condos as well. No one in my neighborhood or any of the blocks around us drive a BMW or Mercedes. They are just regular hard working people. These posts all sound like they are made from the same teenagers. It is sad that is the image that they are portraying about this adorable suburb. The houses are old and charming and there is a gorgeous park system.
Wyomissing is a beautiful area to live in.

by MelHerb July 10, 2008
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Wyomissing. Where to begin. Wyomissing is an upper class city outside of Reading PA. Everyone thinks we're preppy jerks. That is, for the most part, true. But people highly over exaggerate the attitude of the general populous of Wyomissing.
I live in this city. Always have. Does my family own any BMWs, Mercs, or Lexuses? No. Does a large chunk of Wyo? Yes. But can't judge a city till you've met everyone.
by E......... May 18, 2007
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wow just for the record, everyone has definately blown it out of proportion. Although I don't like where I live, you've got a lot of it wrong. First of all, we don't have a water polo team, therefore, not every person in wyo plays that sport. Nobody goes to the f***ing starbucks...hard bean is where it's at and people from other schools hang out there too. Obviously, you are confusing the majority with the minority because not every single person goes to a party every night to get high and wasted. As much as you don't want to believe it, some of us are human beings and we go to movies and coffee shops to JUST TALK. Fyi, not all of us are the geniuses that you think we are. I know a good number of rich whores that can't tell left from right. We are good at sports and there are quite a few rich people that happen to get everything they want, but again, that is NOT everyone. You may see this as a crusade for wyomissing and it's defense, but you are wrong. It is merely a clarifying gesture so that if you decide to criticize wyomissing, you should make sure you get it right and know exactly what the hell you are talking about.
Person A: Oh, I want a new car!
Person A's parent: Anything you want pumpkin so that you can run our family into the ground in debt and disgrace. After all, we live in Wyomissing and we are all so perfect!

by S May 22, 2006
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Here, everyone owns houses bigger than most. 99% of the town is white, and all the little girls walk around wearing lacoste and ralph lauren polos and oxfords (collars popped -- that's a given), j. crew classics, "real" juicy couture, and accessorize with prada. Knockoffs? What are those?!

After lacrosse or field hockey practice, they all top off their polka-dot hair ribbons with eliza b. or rainbow flip flops. Don't even think about wearing just red or blue, it's all "nantucket red" and "lagoon" or "ocean spray".

Now onto the boys they date:
All wear seersucker or madras shorts/pants, and have long, stylishly unkempt hair. They play lacrosse, football, or water polo and are exceptional at them, when they aren't stoned or drunk. Their families attend parties every saturday night, where all the men have names like "tyler" and preppy little nicknames.

For fun in Wyomissing, girls shop 'til they drop at "King of Prussia", where the most popular stores include "AX" and "BCBG", where you can pay $70 for a faded shirt that has been "professionally aged" so that the buyer can pretend to be ghetto and poor. And "ghetto" is a word used often in Wyomissing. Preppy kids dressed to impress often say things like, "woah, man, your BMW is sooo mad ghetto". For the cash it takes to buy the sportscars that are cruising around the Philly metro area, you could buy and refurbish a ghetto.

Bottom line: Wyomissing is preppy to the max, a prime example of a community so sheltered that most of the people there have an incredibly skewed perspective of wealth.
this town is mad messed, yo!
by 1111111 August 05, 2005
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