going hard or serving or that thing. In the sense that something is good.
bitches on my dick cause i came with the 30..
i was giving niggaz that 30 today on the courts.
i was giving niggaz that 30 today on the field.
i came with "the 30" or "that 30"
by BG256DEC October 24, 2011
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- when someone overcomes personal obstacles and triumphs.
- that was an incredible story, when is your 30 for 30 coming out.
by bridal guru September 21, 2016
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Ready, for what ever when the time approaches, got what u need when ever, down for life.
I need me some narcotics, 30 30 got you what you need.
by KingKutt May 18, 2018
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Chicago slang, A 30 is a Glock with an extended clip that holds 30 rounds in it.
I keep the 30 with me where ever I go you know I do it
by SouthSide Murderapolis !! March 4, 2014
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Defines when she has me in the palm of her hand

Loving someone.. you love so much…
30…is there anything better?
by Wanderlust_721 December 30, 2022
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Denotes the time - similar to "o'clock" or :00. Used after a word to denote that it is past time for a certain act to occur and that it should occur now. Stronger than :00.
Dude, it's beer:30 - let's get going!
by Eric.... August 7, 2008
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