An over priced hippie-indie-unique clothing store. The clothing is pricey, but most of it is original and high-quality. Made mostly for skinny women. Their clothes are flowy and liquidy, if that makes sense. Similar to Urban Outfitters and Anthropolgie.
I went to shop at Free People, but I only had $50 dollars with me, so I couldn't buy anything.
by appleeve June 6, 2009
the best clothing ever made in the planet... more kins hippie you can say... and pricey... but looks good on ANYONE one!
Dammmnn that girl is wearing a Free People shirt... i wish i was her!
by yaaa123 May 3, 2010
An urban, trendy, bohemian, fashion forward, creative store. owned by the URBN company.

Best store ever.
Has the best blogger Julia! :)
nuff said!
dude did u go to Free People to look at that new dress?
by bchic8 June 28, 2011
1. Persons who are not enslaved

2. Some sort of hippie clothing company featuring a 40-year-old skeletal model in urbandictionary advertisements
Clearly Free People are catering to the right audience by advertising on UD
by see-em-gee March 5, 2009
n. -the way that a person can wear a heinous piece of clothing, but only if it is from a popular brand, i.e. Free People. If said ugly piece of clothing is from a "lame" brand, i.e. Aéropostale the garment in question is instantly recognized as the abomination it truly is.
clothing snob: Wow that's an interesting shirt...

aeropostale fan: Oh thanks, it's from my fave store, Aeropostale.

clothing snob: Ewww people still shop there? That shirt is so ugly I just vurped.

aeropostale fan: Did I say Aeropostale? I mean Free People!

clothing snob: Oh really? I was just kidding. It's so cute! Can I borrow it?

bystander: Wow, talk about the Free People Affect...!
by Wicked Stepmom October 6, 2013
Is a term derived from the diverse lifestyle of the Black LGBT community, standing for individuals who practice same sex acts such as, male on male action or female on female action.
My friend Lakiesha hangs around a bunch of FREE People. I wounder what her mom would think?

by Andre T./ Dareous D. September 10, 2008