What you on”. Used to ask people if they want to do something.
“I don’t work today wyo?”
Bet, let’s do something
by Pizzaxlover January 14, 2018
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"wyo" stands for "what you on"

"wyo" is used in same scenario as "wyd" but usually is used when someone wants to know if you'd like to hang out.
Nick: hey wyo tn?
Me: shit tryna see wyo
Nick: grab a drink tn at the bar on Capitol around 10?
Me: iight bet, see u tn


Girl 1: hey girl, wyd?
Girl 2: nm coolin, wbu?
Girl 1: shidd...nm, wyo?
Girl 2: girl u kno, nun! pull up!
by milslang April 20, 2018
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An abbreviation for Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Wyomissing is rich prep town that has lots of pot, too many fat cops, and not enough snow days. This scenically beautiful town borders the city of Reading, PA, full of low class thugs and drug dealers. Wyomissing and Reading are like completely different worlds. All you have to do is cross the bridge out of West Wyo/Reading, and you're in the hood.

Anyway, pretty much all of the people that live in wyo are rich and snobby. The funny thing is that that more then half of them try to come off as "gansta" or "poor". Everyone knows they're worth millions, but they try to deny it. They act all thug until they're in front of someone who counts, and then they're the rich nancy boys we all know they are.

When the kids party, they really PARTY. Girls are known to get completely tanked laying on their front lawns every weekend while their parents are in Dubai or some shit.

Then there's the ones who take advantage of their parents and spend money like it comes out of their butt. They all look like clones of each other in their polos, uggs, designer bags, ect.

Its a really pretty, nice town where nothing ever happens thats more exciting than Mary Caroll getting her stomach pumped at Christine Loomis' party. Not even close to the real "gangsta life" as many wyo people think that they live.
i heard there's a bangin' wyo party tonight!!

SWEET!! lets go. maybe that hot rich bitch will be drunk moaning on her front lawn again!

she clearly will be. it's saturday isn't it?
by yourmomma00698 July 14, 2006
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when someone wanna know what type ah time u on…usually tryna get chu to send nudes or sun of that nature
guy : wyo
girl : whatchu tryna do

guy : shit i’m tryna be onnat demon time
by whoindahale June 20, 2021
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The former abbreviation for the great state of Wyoming. Replaced by "WY" as the state abbreviation for postage, but still recognized.
"Where are you from?"
"Oh, I'm from old Wyo".
"You poor bastard."
by ActionKym May 3, 2005
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An abbreviation for "What you on?". Used as a code phrase for "What drugs did you take?"
"Brooo wyo?"
"A fuck ton of dxm"
by Neowo September 20, 2019
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lil' jon the artist uses this in many of his songs
hey r u goin out tonight?
pick u up at 6
by Yummietastieari April 16, 2005
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