Naperville North consists of a bunch of douche bags, mainly in the freshman class of 2013. You can often find these guys sitting together in a sausage fest during lunch screaming loudly and being obnoxious. All of them are fucking sick, besides a few but they end up being pricks so either way life still sucks to be a girl at Naperville North. A lot of the hot girls are single because they try and hook up with the sophmore class of 2012 who can't get any pussy, simply because the freshman guys don't even know what a vagina looks like. These guys consistently talk about "getting pussy" when they don't even talk to girls, they also talk about the office, football, and how long their pathetic dicks are. A lot of these guys also try to throw "parties" where there's supposed to be grinding but it ends up being one trashy whore grinding up on some ugly faggot on the wall alone. Both girls and guys are stuck up besides the people who smoke weed and/or dont give a fuck. Overall, the freshman guys are immature, annoying, ugly, and pathetic. I truly do feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with these guys at Naperville North.
Claire: Ew did you hear Zac screaming at lunch today?
Amanda: Yeah he's so fucking annoying just like all the other Naperville North Class of 2013 Guys.
Claire: Yeah I know, all the guys in are grade are so immature i'm just going to go hook up with a sophmore.
by Suck on this bitchhheez November 28, 2009
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