It's like cooler, but it has a lot more FUCK YOU in it.
I'm coller than you, your mother, Einstein, and God rolled into one.
by andromedous November 8, 2005
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Made more awesome by the presence of Dan Coller
That party sucked until it was collerized
by atillathedan December 20, 2016
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hot under the coller to be pissed or highly irritated
i came into work late this morning my boss was hot under the coller
my neighbors dog crapped in my yard i was hot under the coller
by bluebear March 27, 2020
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When a dog shits out in the back yard to call it a day, but someone picks it up and uses it as a chokehold on someone
"Ah hell nah! Did this nigga really perform a black coller on me?!? "
by Gibson wright June 25, 2017
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