To "get nice" is to smoke mass amounts of weed and feel wonderful.
Find a lighter so we can spark this and get nice.
by Malmal August 12, 2006
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verb. to succeed at something, to be exceedingly talented. One of the foundations of Greenwich Ebonics. Thus:
Q: What'd you get on the test?
A: 98, I get nice at Calculus!

Just about everyone in Greenwich gets nice at grilling lobster rolls to their face while swilling, seshing dank nugs, playing 'ruit, and generally bro-ing out.
by No one asked that! October 11, 2007
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to get high (usually from drugs or from alcohol)

At the afterparty, we ducked into the bathroom stall to get nice.
by wenzday January 3, 2009
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To get nice means to get 'some' from anyone or anything
Where is Kristen?
-- Trying to get nice with that 11 year old!
by cccjjj November 24, 2009
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I think Jen and I are going to get nice after the prom.
by megan January 23, 2005
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