A unique name for a girl who is very loyal, pretty, emotional, and maybe a little shy at times but don't be fooled she has one of the best relashions with everyone
Wow Mercedes is an amazing girl
(Friend) I know don't tell her I have a crush on her
(Me) me to
by FireGold6026789 March 1, 2018
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I love this girl she is my everything and I would do anything to keep her safe
Mercedes she I most cuties girl I have ever seen
by Mercedes I love u September 25, 2016
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Mercedes is a very, gorgeous, smart, intelligent, hilarious, loving, caring, pretty, beautiful and perfect girl. Mercedes is also very sexy
Jacob loves Mercedes so much
by Hockey1403 April 13, 2017
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Speechlessly Amazing Girl :)
''Did you see that Mercedes girl, yet? She's indescribable ''
by Anonymous#101 July 31, 2012
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Refers to an aggressive, bold choice one makes. A choice that is aggressive in nature and style rather than aggressive in terms of force. Choices made by people who leave the people around questioning their sanity and marveling at their appetite for not giving a shit about social norms.
Pronounced: MER-SAY-DEES
Yo bro, you are an investment banker and you are leaving the office at 5pm? Dude, that's mercedes!
by Seihun May 17, 2007
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Mercedes: Is a very sexy girl someone who is loyal and not a stuck up bitch she doesn't go to a party or hang out with badass kids she is more on the nerdy side , she likes to read , draw , and cook. She would make a great house wife.
Boyfriend: I can't wait for you to meet Mercedes she is the best
Boy: Yeah ok *wiggles eyebrow* lets see how long she will be yours before she is mine

Boyfriend: *smirks* thats what you think she is very loyal you asshole
by Steve_23 March 16, 2015
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Mercedes is a true meaning of a unique girl. You will never meet any other that will compare to her originality. She is amazingly hot with a tight frame and a phat ass, has her own style with intelligence and common sense that makes you want to talk with her for hours. A true friend that you can call at 3:37am and she'll answer. Likes to go fast (litterally) and she will be the one driving. Don't think about pushing your agenda on this girl, she has her own morals and goals buried deep in the rocks and no pick up line is going to shake that, even though it may make her laugh. Pretty much don't fuck with her, she can kick your ass. Mercedes may want to rob a bank in the morning and go fishing in the afternoon, better come prepared. She is strong-willed but compasoniate and has many sides...when she wants you to see them.

Fall for Mercedes at your own risk, how fast are you willing to go?
That girl just got her ass kicked by Mercedes for talking shit!

Hey, you have to meet this girl, she is so Mercedes I never met anyone like her before!

Damn, I wish my girlfriend was a Mercedes.

I just couldn't help myself, she was so Mercedes I fell in love.

strong pretty competitive caring friend music goal-oriented funny charming unique perfection
by A fan of Mercedes! November 21, 2011
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