Baby dick, hung like a newborn. You may not even feel it!
Me: “Oh my god Karissa, what is that”?
Karissa: “Oh it’s just a’s harmless”!
by Grndlelvn August 2, 2018
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A device used to wring out the water from newly washed clothes.
I haven't laughed so much since my granny caught her tit in the wringer.
by Wilson2pac March 24, 2016
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An earthy reference to being in deep trouble.
He’s gonna get back to work after his week off in Tahiti and find his nuts in a wringer; I’m talking serious flatdick .
by Dr Bunnygirl August 18, 2019
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From the ea of wringer washing machines. Getting one's tit in the wringer puts them in a tenuous situation.
The bank put my tit in a wringer when they delayed my deposit.
by jljminnesota August 23, 2015
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He got caught stealing from the office. He's really got his tit in a wringer.
by Croz March 6, 2005
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Bothered, bent out of shape, upset, angry. Dates back to wringer clothes washers. Undoubtedly, getting one's tit caught in the wringer would have been quite upsetting.
Yes, dear, so I lost a hundred bucks playing poker. Don't get your tit in a wringer.
by Croz March 5, 2005
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