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The greatest person you will ever meet!!!....She is totally AWESOME....Guys want her and girls want to be her!!!... She is a very outgoing person and she is a friend to everyone..She has the best personality and she's always fun to be around...She is beautiful, a total hotty, really cute, and drop dead sexy....She always smells great and she looks like an angel....She's also the greatest kisser ever!!!....There is so much awesome stuff about this girl that it wont fit in one definition...lolz
James: "Oh my gosh!!! Who's that girl??"
Matthew: "Is she the hotty with the brown eyes nd black hair??"
James: "Yea!!"
Matthew: "It's Karissa"
James: "How do u kno??.. You didn't even look!!"
Matthew: "Trust me...I know its her.. ;).."
by Matt8 May 30, 2011
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Im crazy, and weird, but thats what people like about me. I don't care what others think. My favorite thing to do is write music. I've been through a lot but my smile never fades. Im proud to be the girl i am, and i wouldn't change for the world.πŸ’•πŸ˜‰
Karissa is a wounderful and outgoing person.;)
by Karissa_rose_14 November 28, 2016
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A Stunningly beautiful mixed girl. She takes no shit . She is a bit Freaky, sometimes unintentionally which is a total turn on.She has a sweet smile that will make the bravest of men blush.A total sweetheart, good with words. She is one of the most astounding girls I've ever met and no matter who i meet i could never seem to move on. she has a way of describing people that's just totally unexpected.She really knows how to let you down easy. Karissa is one of the most like-able girls you will ever met
Me: Karissa if you were to describe me what would you say
Karissa: we'll your a gentlemen,studious,Kind,caring,a good friend
ME: blushes entire day unaware of the friend zone i was placed in until the next day
Still continues blushing
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by Evo IX MR FQ 360 HKS November 13, 2016
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A beautiful girl with brown hair and eyes, she spends most of her time with her friends, she loves to sing and dance, and she's very smart
"Did you see Karissa?" "Yeah, she looks amazing!"
by Sandfacer4g6 July 15, 2017
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A gorgeous creature who has been through a ton of sht, but still manages to smile. She has the best fashion sense, and is such a good singer. She's also creative, and single. But her heart belongs to some guy who doesn't deserve her. I sing for her to make her smile. I dance for her to just to see her smile. I can open up to her from subjects to acne to shoes. She is so special, I'm lucky to have her. She can get on my nerves sometimes, but then she does something SO NICE that I can't help but forgive her. It's a sin to be like her. She's gorgeous. I thank the lord for her. I can't see her hurt. She's special to me. She's like an asian Taylor Swift :) And I LOVE HER~ <3 P.S. She's a unicorn. :)
Girl1:You see Karissa?
Girl2: Yeah, she's a slut.

-I kill them and me and Karissa ride on a unicorn toward the sunset.-
by isasai October 10, 2011
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karissa is a drop dead gorgeous person she's shy but very very outgoing she the hottest person youll ever meet in your life she smart, sexy,nice haired, elegant, purple loving,good wierd person, awesome, hyper, the most sexiest person, awesome in bed,bubbly and sexified
karissa is awesomeee and bubbly
by lalalalalalaleo May 25, 2011
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