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Expression used when you tell an unbelievable story that is in fact very true.
My little brother is addicted to violent violent games, swear down, I smashed his xbox in front of him.
by Billy-Soo October 07, 2019

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Been through a difficult relationship.
I’ve been through the wringer again y’all.
by Billy-Soo May 05, 2020

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When you have slept repeatedly with your friend’s ex bf.

She was seeing 5 other guys at the time and he meant nothing to her.

She called you drunk to meet at a bar to cock- block him.

You hit it off with him too much and went home with him.

The hook-up relationship continues for weeks after he told you he has no feelings, but always texts you back right away.

You have to see him at work on Monday and don’t know whether to ignore him or not.

So you text him to give him a ‘heads up’
and he responds right away and says

“IDK, be polite”
And you respond...okay ....”Game On!”
Game on Monday?
by Billy-Soo January 19, 2020

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A eutopian place in your mind.
When you want to be with someone so much that you are convinced you will treat each other perfectly.

A fantasy.
Don’t disturb me, I’m living on sugar hill with him right now.
by Billy-Soo September 19, 2019

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Advancing on a guy whom you have strong feelings for who may or may not have a current girlfriend.
I’ m totall treading on tight waters with him.
by Billy-Soo September 18, 2019

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She has experienced a lot in her life. She never wants to have kids.
She is a different kind of girl who has a punk rock band, records her own music and videos. She is not afraid to be awesome, yet work let’s her down and does not see the true potential in her.
She is always there when I need someone real. She does no judge as she has been through a lot. She will send you books to read, wise words of encouragement and laugh with you at all the silly stuff in the world.
Hey Norelle, how’s it going?
by Billy-Soo October 09, 2019

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The name your call your boss when she lies about your overtime.

She tells you she clocked you out at 5am after you have worked a full 13 hour night shift and left at 4:30 am. You say “Wow, thanks for that extra bit of overtime! You rock! “

She says she’s giving you an extra 1/2 hr of over time on your time sheet because you worked so hard the past few days. You did a bunch of work for her to cover her ass and make her look good and she knows it.

You call acounting the next day to confirm and they say, “No.....she put your out time at 4am.”
My boss is such an inverted ass!
by Billy-Soo October 24, 2019

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