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Dog turd's that are covered in their ass-fur. After they crust over, they make Chewbacca sounds when the lawnmower hits them.
Aw fuck! I ran over a wookey with the mower. *spit* The dust got in my mouth...Damn dog!
by BIG E June 12, 2003
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Proper noun: var - Wookie, Wookiee. Shaggy giants from an arboreal world, the tall and commanding Wookiee species is an impressive sight to even the most jaded spacer. Despite their fearsome and savage countenance, Wookiees are intelligent, sophisticated, loyal and trusting. Loyalty and bravery are near-sacred tenets in Wookiee society. When peaceful, Wookiees are tender and gentle. Their tempers, however, are short; when angered, Wookiees can fly into a berserker rage and will not stop until the object of their distemper is sufficiently destroyed.
See also Urban75Wookiee
by Wookey June 11, 2003
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As term that can also be describe a hard, hairy dog turd but is more commonly known to insult someone with poor physical strength, no use to society and general puffiness.
Common phrases include:

'Pulling a wookey'


'Stop being a wookey'
by Haldee Allmighty December 08, 2007
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Dude, did you see the wookie Bill hooked up with last night?
by D December 08, 2003
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