to jump on and hug someone simultaneously. Womp is the sound of impact of the Womper falling on the Wompee, as well as the sound of the Wompee falling on the ground
by hongreebear May 15, 2011
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1: n. the sound made by a vagina during sexual intercourse. considered derogatory, used almost exclusiely by gay males.

2: n. sound attributed to vaginas by gay males who have had sex with women.

3: n. The onomatopeaic sound attributed to vaginas by gay males. Intended to dramatize the predatory nature of heterosexual intercourse.
1: "Vaginas are disgusting. They're all like 'womp, womp, womp womp' and then the girl's like 'unh, unh, yeah, oh' grunting and shit."

2: "Vaginas scare the shit out of me. They're like those big chomping plant in Super Mario Bros. All "womp, womp, womp, womp" and then shooting fireballs at you and shit."

3: "Hell, no I wouldn't stick my twig'n'berries in that gaping maw! Would I feed my John Thomas to a crocodile? Jesus Mary and Joseph, one minute you're all 'hey there sweetie, you know I love you" and then it's 'WOMP, WOMP, WOMP' and your family jewel's been snatched off."
by Archeritos June 17, 2006
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The real meaning of "womp" emerged in the mountains of East Tennessee in the 1960's. "Womp" was an imperative meaning "eat shit." It was always accompanied by a gesture: thrusting forward the cupped hand (as if the hand is holding a warm turd).
"Womp," he said to Coach Brixey.
by Joe Kincheloe December 11, 2004
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when something wrong and you can't saying anything but womp
billy : i just kill my mom and took her credit card

sams: womp
by ayboned December 17, 2018
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Word Rarity: Uncommon

A word with multiple meanings depending on context, though none are positive. Usually funny, but not positive.

As a noun, it is generally derogative. No one wants to be a womp, and we all know when someone is being a womp. A womp is usually a man-child, or someone overly negative, stupid, greedy, or whatever negative value you wish to imply. As a verb, it usually means to suck - and not in the fun way.

The singular "womp" comes from it's prior use in "Womp womp" - the sad trombone sound, used as a glorious reaction to something sad.

First discovered by someone smol, but brought into more common use through social media.
What a womp! He ate every fruit rollup in the house!
Look at that womp over there - she's eating olives straight from the jar. Barehanded!!

That womp sent another random dick pic - I think he thinks that's big.
This womps. I sent another dick pic and all she said is "I can't wait to show all my friends this."


"This womps. I miss you."
via giphy
by Silver . January 20, 2021
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W.O.M.P. acronym for What's On My Pussy. This is a game show where a woman is blind folded and must guess what exactly is on her pussy. Your game host, who is a professional, places a random object or an object chosen by the audience, onto the contesting woman's pussy. The woman gets four chances to guess, and if she guesses the object correctly she goes on to another round and wins the object that has been placed on her lovely pussy. If the woman correctly guess six object that have been placed on her pussy she wins a million dollars and the six items that have been placed on her pussy. The objects can vary in size and form as long as it can be placed on a pussy without injuring the woman contestant. This will become the best game show anyone will ever experience in their entire life!
Host: Okay ma'am i will begin to place the object on her pussy please try to be a calm and not jump the object is cold. Now tell me. Womp!

Contestant: Okay i'm ready for it. Put it on me.

Host: Well ma'am its time to start guessing.

Contestant: Is it.............. an antenna?

Host: That is incorrect but don't worry you still have three more guesses!
by Big Nasty DickinSon July 22, 2010
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Womp = meaning u got owned, used in cs by some guy named Martin with a l33t spray. you Got headshotted.
"YOU GOT WOMPPED" "i womp u"
by anonymouskilla November 27, 2005
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