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like "fuck" but with More Emphasis
What the fuk do ya think you're doing?!
by Starchylde December 23, 2014
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Like fuck but, you know, spelled wrong.
I forgot to press the "c" key, so I wrote "fuk."
by cellophane February 06, 2005
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Fuck, but spelled without the c to avoid programs that bleep out typed curses... Also sometimes a simple typo.
What a sad fuk.
Fuk! *Fuck!
by Jummy93 July 25, 2006
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The word "fuk" is commonly used when you can't type "Fuck" in a mmorpg game.
noob:LOVEing lagg!LOVE tis lag! GM u LOVEer make me lost exp!
1337gamer:stfu noob!get a better connection u stupid fuk
noob:fuk u 1337gamer

by Merlion January 09, 2006
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One word that is edited by abbreviated hacker language It can, of course, be used in all the different grammatical forms, including:
Fuk:v. to fuck, adj. used in frustation
Fukin:adj. EX: i hate this fukin school
Fuked:v. to do someone, adj. despair
Fuker:n. someone that you really dislike
A Question: Wanna kno my fukin name
by Midwestrn Soldier October 18, 2004
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Abbreviation for IRC channel (usually caps: "FUK")

A bastion of Britishness in the face of the joint assault of AOL lamers and "cheating euro cunt0rs".

(Full of work shy layabouts.)
Get FUKed.
FUK head.
by April 22, 2003
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