Like fuck but, you know, spelled wrong.
I forgot to press the "c" key, so I wrote "fuk."
by cellophane February 7, 2005
Fuck, but spelled without the c to avoid programs that bleep out typed curses... Also sometimes a simple typo.
by Jummy93 July 25, 2006
The word "fuk" is commonly used when you can't type "Fuck" in a mmorpg game.
noob:LOVEing lagg!LOVE tis lag! GM u LOVEer make me lost exp!
1337gamer:stfu noob!get a better connection u stupid fuk
noob:fuk u 1337gamer

by Merlion January 9, 2006
Slovene slang word for a lay. From the verb "fukati" (to fuck).
Mojca is a greatest fuk ever! My cock gets wet every time I think about her!
by destouches December 20, 2004
Where did you leave the money?
I left it on your table, fuk.
by phillydriter July 2, 2010
French for "seal".
French guy:Je voix un fuk!
by TheBurninator January 14, 2004