1. A run/walk preferably in the wild.

2. A collection of people getting together to go on a collective run/walk preferably in the wild (but any venue will suffice) followed by the drinking of adult beverages and exchanging in witty banter until the adult beverages run out.

3. Sometimes used as a proper noun as in The Womp.

4. Womper: a person who womps.

Verb: To go for a run/walk

The leader of the womp is called the Pooh Bah (female: Pooh Bette). The mother womp is in Cairo, Egypt. There is now a branch womp in Jakarta, Indonesia.

1. Let’s get together after work and go on a womp today.

2. The womp will meet after work today, so bring the adult beverages.

Verb: We went womping in the desert yesterday.
by WomperMo December 16, 2010
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another word for "bad" or stating that something sucks, can be replaced with the word when trying to make it sound unique. plural: Womps
Boy 1: Man, I have 3 tests today in a row.
Boy 2: Ohh, that womps
by J Y L October 31, 2009
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Where you get impaled by a BBC in the ass. On some occasions your ribs brake because its gone that deep in you.
Ardil: Come on Tommy let's WOMP
Tommy: I don't have a BBC but let's WOMP anyway
by Coochie Kid September 22, 2019
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An Aussie expression for sexual intercourse, but meaning that you would really give it to that girl hard!!
“Oh that Kelly, geeze I’d love to womp her”
by Robby101 November 01, 2006
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It is originally a term used to describe dubstep, but has since been turned into a word that can mean anything but mainly referring to raging, rocking, partying, and general awesomeness.
Officially in the diiiirt, crashin for now, w0mPiN later - Holler if your down to Womp
by Wompster January 22, 2011
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Created by Sam and the Womp with their song "Bom Bom":

Womping is the dance that they do in their music video. As demonstrated by the movement of their hands, Womping is the "space between the bass and your face."

Sam and the Womp are:
Bloem de Ligny aka Lady Oo (vocals)
Sam Ritchie (horns)
Aaron Audio (keyboards)
The best example may be seen in the official video of "Bom Bom": search youtube for the video

Sam and the Womp also offer an official explanation of the Womp: search youtube for the video
by superfunker March 16, 2013
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An action of having intercourse or sex.
Dude i womped her SO hard last night i had hip problems the next day!
by Wompinator April 13, 2011
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