its the sold out première of a play you have been rehearsing for so long. when its your turn to do the monologue, you realize you are completely blank. A black out. Nothing. Silence. No souffleuse in the world can help you now. What do you do? Run backstage and be forever done or stand straight and play along, improvise, be in the moment and create something new.
actress Ivana Irsh cannot recite a single word. blank stare. speech less. her co-actor throws her a line, she decides to be in the moment and improvise making the play even more entertaining than the original. acting for pros.
by Krkič May 17, 2019
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The moment you realize that this is a moment moment, thus it becoming a moment moment moment.
Lady: This is such a moment moment.

Mike: If it's a moment moment, wouldn't it then be a moment moment moment?
Lady: True
Mike: Then that becomes a moment moment moment moment, which goes on forever...
Lady: Creating a momentception
by afivev July 8, 2022
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While this phrase was previously used to preface a statement with which the speaker or writer attempts to relate to the audience's or readership's similar experiences, the phrase is now primarily used on social media arbitrarily to describe any experience the social media user wants no matter how idiosyncratic.
Example of Previous Use:

Speaker: That moment when you realize you've fallen in love.

Listener: Oh yeah, that moment...

Example of Current Use:

Writer: That moment when you've been abducted by aliens and you realize you really should have voted for John McCain.

Reader: Oh yeah, THAT moment...
by michaeljritter October 20, 2015
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A metal band (this title is debatable) founded by Chris Howorth and Maria Brink in 2005. They released a few albums in the early 2000s (Beautiful Tragedy, The Dream, A Star Crossed Wasteland). After a Star Crossed Wasteland, almost all the band members dropped out and the band was close to disbanding. In This Moment began writing a new album in 2011 and had a new lineup, releasing their 4th album, Blood in 2012, their highest charting album. They are releasing their 5th album, Black Widow, in November 2014.
In This Moment ain't that bad.
by Cosette Ch October 25, 2014
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Having a moment with someone, usually a close brah.
Where did Chris and Zach go?
Oh, they're momenting after finding out they're Eskimo brothers.
by The Synatwists September 19, 2012
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A brief and speechless lapse of time between two individuals who, while gazing into each other's eyes, just know what's up.
Dude... I just had a moment with the lunch lady.
by SirLunchbox February 28, 2016
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