totally different music to what people know as bassline house today, but yet some still call it speed garage???? the old and new are a totally different sound!!
187 lockdown and serious danger fans will know what im talkin about, these sort of tunes jus aint made anymore, but r still bangin!. new bassline house, eg, joe q or danny bond are a totally different sound, so why call it speed garage when its otherwise known as niche or bassline house?????
by adam ratcliffe September 3, 2006
Dirty basslines and hard jackin 4/4 beats... this genre is an aquired taste thankfully so not many dickheads like it stick to your happy hardcore and leave the quality beats and basslines to us speedgarageheads!
speed garage is played in decent underground clubs like niche and chic, full of coke n pillheads but who cares!
by joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee August 30, 2006
really rich old dirty beats that got lost amongst time and other crappy genes of music - although there is new basslines, that totally kick ass!!!!! u still cant beat underground classics!!!!!!!!!
187 lockdown, serious danger, armand van heldon, dj pooch, underground distortion, summer junkies, crystal waters, cj bolland and rosie gaines. if you know of these then i guess u know your speed garage. although newer basslines known as niche are ever increasin and makin a mark, what is known as speed garage has its own defined mark too.
by adm06 September 11, 2006
Top quality, banging style of music that's only gunna get bigger, also sometimes called Bassline House.
Known for it's "WARPS". Mixed a lot with 4x4 style.
dj's who play speed garage/bassline house/4x4 include:

plus loadsa others
"Have you heard that Joe Q 4? - It's bob on mate"

"belting speed garage m8"
by mogwai99 September 12, 2005
The best music since sliced bread,and its getting bigger
'fuck me man, speed garage is shit hot, better than any of that other shite on the radio'
by bassline bad boi August 17, 2005
1)The soundtrack of Heaven.
2)Simply the best creation of music that exists.
"you're right God, Speed Garage is the best sound ever heard."
by rudeone April 22, 2005