April is a gorgeous female. She’s shy at first, but once you get to know her she’s the life of the party. She’s funny, smart, energetic, excitable. Probably the cutest girl you’ll ever meet. April is beautiful on the inside and outside. She always has love to give. She’s loves the finer things in life and will surround herself with beautiful things. Everybody deserves an April. She is a great friend or girlfriend. She has a close relationship with her family and friends. Overall, April is a good person with all of the amazing qualities you could think of. If you have an April, hold onto her.
April is probably the cutest girl in this class.

Who’s April?
She’s the shy one in the front.

Oh yeah! I heard she’s fun.
by Realgirl01 December 28, 2017
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A person to talk to. Someone who is always there for you. Has your back even in your most difficult of moments. She will tell you right from wrong and will make sure her opinion is known. She has the most amazing personality and the biggest heart.
Yep, that's April
by xsshole October 24, 2016
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April; is a very well-rounded person and very out going. Always sees the best in people and all to often give second chances to people who don't deserve them.However April deserves the world
by Bug6203 September 28, 2018
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April is one of the most hottest girls you'll ever meet and one of the sweetest. She's the type of girl to make everyones day brighter with just one smile. She also has a nice body with a great ass. April has a big heart and once broken, it can only be fixed by the one who broke it. April is a tough chick and will beat anyones ass if they disrespect her, her family, or the people she loves most. April is a one of a kind girl and if you date her you will never forget how she treated you like a king/queen. April is also very freaky when it comes to her lover, she may look innocent but she'll fuck the shit outta you. April is very kind and warm-hearted but can fuck your shit up. If you ever meet an April, you will be the luckiest person alive. Treasure her before someone else does!
"wow did you see that fight? She fought like an April"

"She's super freaky, what an April"
by trippiegal October 1, 2017
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April one of the most amazing people you could find. She’s caring, honest, trustworthy, downright flawless and has the humour to make your day. She will always be there for you, no matter what. She will never lie to you, betray you, or leave you. She’ll always take your side and stick up for you. April’s might seem really happy and enthusiastic all the time, they’re simply hiding her sadness, and although they’ll never admit it, they need you to be there for them. They don’t believe they are pretty or skinny, but you need to keep reminding them of that and how beautiful they are. If you ever meet an April, make sure you’re friends with them because they will make your life 100x better <3
“Who’s that beautiful girl over there with a big booty

“That’s April, obviously
by Phat bangers November 23, 2017
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April, Almost always a Taurus. Head strong and stubborn, but the sweetest person once you get to know her. Had the hardest time with exceptance, and opening up, and is never willing to admit she has emotions. She never thinks of her self like others do. She doesn’t have self love, always criticizing and comparing, and doesn’t see her true beauty. She has trust issues becuase everytime she lets someone in, it hurts her. She hides behind a mask, growing up always solving problems on her own for fear of being weak. People never give her a chance, but if they did they won’t regret it. She’s one of the sweetest people u will ever meet, and no one knows it. All she wants is happiness... and love but fears change and rejection. She pushes people away so that they arnt given the option of pushing her away first. If you know an April, hang on to her. You will miss her. And even tho it was hard getting to know her, she will always be there to cheer you up with her jokes and laughter. She will always be faithful becuase she knows what it’s like. Don’t take advantage of her. If she cares about you, and shows it, it’s a big deal. So don’t break her heart...
I should talk to April.. I know she’s shy but she’s different than all those other girls. She’s special..
by RealLifeNotFake January 9, 2019
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That one quiet girl in your class that no one notices but Is lowkey extremely hot. She has a beautiful smile and an amazing, fun, and smart personality. Plus she has a pretty nice ass. Many girls tend to hate her because she's so beautiful. Whoever knows an April should cherish her for she won't always stay if you mistreat her
Wow look at that girl over there! She has such a nice ass, she must be an April .
by ihatetwitterhoes February 21, 2015
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