A multi-emotional word, that means everything yet nothing at the same time. A word of such complexity that holds a high standard of intellectuality. In short, it is a word that can be used in many ways the most common being it can be used as an alternative for shrugging whilst unsure about something. It can be also used as a sort of ice breaker in conversation, if you don't know what to say you can reply to them with a simple, "Womp." and the individual will laugh confused to the deep origin of such a word. It is a word carried throughout history, like a virus that once said will stick in your mind for the entirety of your life, a type of insanity. A powerful word, once properly utilized could be the winning strike within an argument or strong debate.
Example: You're in a heated argument with your girlfriend and she calls you out for cheating on her and you hit her with a simple, "Womp." She will immediately block you but in turn, you escaped with your ego and dignity.

Example: You are talking to your crush and you don't know what to say to them and it's getting slightly awkward. Suddenly, you hit them with a loud unpredicted, "Womp!" They begin to laugh, never having heard the word before and in turn it sticks in her mind and it becomes a sort of joke between you both forever bonding you.
by JosephRed2112 September 16, 2019
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1. Verb. to take a lot of a substance that alters your perception.
2. Noun. a prohibited substance.
1. Hey could I womp your Juul?
I’m gonna womp this handle tonight.
2. Aye could I hit that womp?
I’m gonna bring the womp tonight.
by dopewords September 29, 2018
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An exclamation used during times in which a plausible response is non-existent. Also used as a response to hearing an unfortunate comment.
When my friend told me his one night stand gave him Herpes, all I could say was 'womp'.
by CannaChris August 30, 2010
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The sound a dinosaur makes when it sneezes.
by matty355 December 7, 2010
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If you see someone attractive or when you have nothing else to say and there is total awkwardness you say womp
Daayum shawty she be lookin' $WOMP$$
by BasedUnicorn September 6, 2012
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(noun) A commonly used term (specifically in the Santa Cruz area) to refer to somebody as an idiot.
Dude I can't believe you took a bite out of that rotten apple! You're such a fuckin womp.
by esotericbeing April 16, 2018
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n. Marijuana smoke

v. The act of smoking marijuana
That was a massive womp!

Let’s go pound out some womps, bro

Wanna womp tonight?
by TheTruthIsTrue October 6, 2018
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