(noun) A commonly used term (specifically in the Santa Cruz area) to refer to somebody as an idiot.
Dude I can't believe you took a bite out of that rotten apple! You're such a fuckin womp.
by esotericbeing April 15, 2018
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n. Marijuana smoke

v. The act of smoking marijuana
That was a massive womp!

Let’s go pound out some womps, bro

Wanna womp tonight?
by TheTruthIsTrue October 05, 2018
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a type of person who shows a display of being disrespectful and/or having not a care in the world.
Cristina said she flunked all her tests and got a GPA of 1.9, but she still thinks she better than everyone. What a womp!
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by Dr.YYY September 16, 2017
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sound effect used primarily in textual form (SMS or BBM or IM), describing failure, disappointment or complete boredom with someone's story/reply/comment.

also a term that can be used in conjunction with a <3 symbol so show you unfortunately LOVE.
You plan an awesome party and invite your friend, only to hear their lame excuse.. something along the lines of "I have to study" and you would reply with "wommmmp".

Someone tells you they did something completely idiotic (you would say womp).

You are in a FML mood, but feel "fml" is too explicit -- use womp instead.

womp <3 = in love
by kristiebetty December 14, 2010
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Something, or someone, containing characteristics that relate to the badassery of Clint Erickson.
Person A - "Dude, I just pwnd that noob."
Person B - "Yeah, like a womp!"
by Guest 2 April 27, 2010
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