A much user-friendlier and hardware supportive version of the Microsoft Windows NT family of Operating Systems. Windows 2000 while not officially declared as NT 5.0 is basically just Windows NT 5.0 with Plug and Play support, EFS, NTFS 5.0 and a host of other features that are not available in Windows NT 4.x.
Windows 2000 is the best microsoft operating system available right now.
by Gary Destruction August 28, 2003
A 1000000% better OS than Windows 11, we need a skin for this
I want a reboot of Windows 2000, 10000000x better than Windows 11, the shitty excuse for an OS
by jrStudiosofficial July 17, 2022
Way better than Windows ME, and MAC OS FUCKING NINE.
"Dumbass, you need Windows 2000. Welcome to 1 1/4 decades ago!
by dj gs68 July 8, 2003
Looks like Windows ME, sounds like Windows ME, tastes like Windows ME. But, brother, it ain't Windows ME. I would give half a lung (not MY lung, mind you) to get this OS, or atleast WinXP.
Mmm... Win2000.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 29, 2003
A windows operating system that is alot more stable then the Windows 95/98/ME series. More up to date then Windows NT. ALOT MORE FASTER AND SMARTER THEN WINDOWS XP. Only M$ operating system worth dual-booting with your Linux/BSD/Solaris/BeOS machine.
Windows2k::Program Crashed due to error 0000x04924FDDA2
Me::What? I'll just reload it.

WindowsXP:: Program crashed, too low on ram, would you like to restart Windows.
Me:: NO
WindowsXP:: Are you sure?
Me:: YES
WindowsXP:: Are you sure that you're sure?
Me:: YES
WindowsXP:: Do you want to restart your computer?
Me:: NO!!!!

Windows98:: System Crashed, please press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart.
Me:: Keyboard froze.

WindowsNT:: Service Pack 1 is now available.
Me:: Great
WindowsNT:: Service Pack 2 is now available.
Me:: Fine
WindowsNT:: Service Pack 3, 4, and 5 are now availalbe.
Me:: OKAY!!
WindowsNT:: Service Pack 6.....

Me:: I'll just WineX Warcraft 3 for now one.
by tsphan November 27, 2004
A mistake made by a programmer, who accidentally added two extra zeroes at the end of what was supposed to be Windows 2.0.
Oh crap!!! We shipped Windows 2000 with the wrong name!

Meh, no-one will notice.
by TheTechnoToast May 21, 2012
Trick to make you waste your money.
I was in Starbucks the other day. The staff were totally stoked to Windows 2000 me! FUCKERS!
by Spencer February 4, 2003