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1. A very stupid woman; an airhead
That bimbo asked how much a free sample costs!
by Gary Destruction June 10, 2003

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Condition commonly mistaken for MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Schizophrenia like the name suggests means a split, but not a split in personality. Schizophrenia is a split in perception that causes an individual to become detached, isolated and remote from reality and from the rest of society. A person experiencing schizophrenia might see things in a way that he can only understand. He might also experience hallucinations such as hearing voices and seeing things, paranoia, feelings and thoughts of persecution and feeling like he is in another world.
I'm borderline schizophrenic.
by Gary Destruction July 19, 2003

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What you say when someone screws you over or tries to put you in a bad situation.
The phone company was supposed to turn on my phone today and now they're saying it won't be on until next week. They got me fucked up.
by Gary Destruction April 01, 2004

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The core of an Operating System
An OS kernel is often responsible for handling driver requests, filesystem operations, I/O requests and other system functions.
by Gary Destruction May 30, 2004

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1. From the political left, anarchy is a state of complete freedom characterized by unity, peace and equality all in the absense of a governing force.

2. From the politcal right, anarchy is a state of complete chaos and disorder. Anarcho-capitalism is an example of right-winged anarchy.

3. Politics: A radical form of direct democracy
1. Some people believe that anarchy could work.

2. Street punks believe in right-winged anarchy (chaos)

3. Depsite being an alleged lack of authority, some anarchists believe in anarchy as direct democracy.
by Gary Destruction September 01, 2003

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1. A color between red and brown
2. A stupid person; a fool
1. She's wearing maroon pants
2. "What a maroon." -- Bugs Bunny
by Gary Destruction June 10, 2003

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A much user-friendlier and hardware supportive version of the Microsoft Windows NT family of Operating Systems. Windows 2000 while not officially declared as NT 5.0 is basically just Windows NT 5.0 with Plug and Play support, EFS, NTFS 5.0 and a host of other features that are not available in Windows NT 4.x.
Windows 2000 is the best microsoft operating system available right now.
by Gary Destruction August 28, 2003

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