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An opperating system created in the early to mid 90's that was vastly supperior to many OS's currently. It's unfortunate demise was spelled out by poor driver support and lack of funding.

It now lives on only in verious open source projects and some offhand Palm workshop.
I wanted to convert to BeOS, but it died before truly reaching usable status.
by drk_ghost April 13, 2003
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Beo is a cute, funny, smart, and cool boy you'll meet. Probably the hottest. Never let a Beo down because they get hurt easily. If a Beo likes you, let him and get to know him more. Beos never give up on love and as you come to know them you'll fall in love with them.
Wow that annoying kid likes you.
Give him a chance he's a Beo.
by Blahblahdance June 07, 2017
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'Beo' is a common error when you are typing 'Bro' since the letter 'E' and 'R' are so close.
-Nice prank beo
-Beo ffs
by Mr. Tenshu July 27, 2016
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A cool dude that organizes group parties around music festivals
Is Beo going to set up the party at Burning Man?
by The true alloy June 09, 2018
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Unlike Linux, BeOS was a REAL operating system which was stable, fast, and booted up within 20 seconds. The OS had fairly good hardware support, was easy to navigate, had programs that were easy to install, and had a good amount of multimedia tools. It would have been a perfect alternative to Windows had the BeOS executives decided not to try in vain to sue Microsoft and ultimately bankrupt themselves.
by PC User June 23, 2003
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Vietnamese term that is an adjective for "fat or chubby"
Guy: I like you.
Girl: I don't feel the same way.
Guy: Why not?
Girl: Man, you're so beo!.
Guy What the heo...Pho Dat Bich.
by Pat Mahcrotch November 09, 2009
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