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Street for "get on the urbandict"
Friend:: What should I do right now?
Me:: Define your world.

Friend:: What you doin right now?
Me:: Defining my world.
by tsphan November 29, 2004

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A windows operating system that is alot more stable then the Windows 95/98/ME series. More up to date then Windows NT. ALOT MORE FASTER AND SMARTER THEN WINDOWS XP. Only M$ operating system worth dual-booting with your Linux/BSD/Solaris/BeOS machine.
Windows2k::Program Crashed due to error 0000x04924FDDA2
Me::What? I'll just reload it.

WindowsXP:: Program crashed, too low on ram, would you like to restart Windows.
Me:: NO
WindowsXP:: Are you sure?
Me:: YES
WindowsXP:: Are you sure that you're sure?
Me:: YES
WindowsXP:: Do you want to restart your computer?
Me:: NO!!!!

Windows98:: System Crashed, please press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart.
Me:: Keyboard froze.

WindowsNT:: Service Pack 1 is now available.
Me:: Great
WindowsNT:: Service Pack 2 is now available.
Me:: Fine
WindowsNT:: Service Pack 3, 4, and 5 are now availalbe.
Me:: OKAY!!
WindowsNT:: Service Pack 6.....

Me:: I'll just WineX Warcraft 3 for now one.
by tsphan November 26, 2004

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Tux is the Linux Mascot created by Larry Ewing, and chosen by Linus Torvalds as the Linux mascot because of the endless possibilities of showing Tux. He, unlike a fruit or a piece of glass, is under GPL and is much cooler. People have the rights to show tux in anyway without getting sued and still able to show how awesome he is.
Something Tux could say:

Tux: I've been a mascot, an apple eater, a quake slip-gate ranger, and I have pissed on windows many times. I also flew right through one. Numerous times have I been with hot beautiful female models.
by tsphan November 13, 2004

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The Operating System that POWERS urbandictionary you assholes.

Go on to www.netcraft.com
Then look up "www.urbandictionary.com" on the web server search. I see SEVEN linux servers, and 2 netbsd/openbsd servers.

I was able to install Mandrake Linux on my computer without any help, BECAUSE I RTFM! Like when I first installed WINDOWS!!

All the people who said shit about linux either:
1) Heard about it from Microsoft
2) Heard about it from SCO
3) Heard about it from some anti-linux group.
4) Saw a friend use Slackware
5) Saw a friend use the terminal.
6) Tried using Slackware as their first distro.

Linux is a great computer for all uses except crashing on you.

Ubuntu, Suse, Mandrake, and MEPIS are great linux distros that offer excellent user friendliness WITH GRAPHICAL TOOLS. So you don't even HAVE TO USE THE FUCKING TERMINAL!!

Only thing you can't do is run Windows stuff, like WINDOWS AIM, and WINDOWS EXPLORER, so don't even try doing stupid ass stuff.
Dumbass:: Linux sucks because there's no aim client.
by tsphan December 02, 2004

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Acronym for "The K Desktop Environment"

Kde is a desktop enviroment for the X11 system, commonly used by Linux with XFree86 and xorg. Commonly used.

Matthias Ettrich started KDE in 1996. It uses the Qt graphic library. Based on "look and feel" and features. KDE is extremely powerful for experts and easy to use for beginners at X.

Has a whole stash of software. Such as KOffice, Kmail, kontact, the K edutainment suite, KDE games, and etc.

Desktop: kdesktop
File Manager: konqueror
Window Manager: kwin
Menu: kicker
I love using "kig" for help on my geometry homework and "flashkard" for help memorizing. Except I have to load up kdeinit because I'm only using fluxbox.
by tsphan November 26, 2004

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PRONOUNCED >> guh-nome
Acronym for "GNU Network Object Model Environment"
Released under GPL license

A desktop environment (NOT A WINDOW MANAGER) for the X11 graphical interface. Commonly used on Linux systems with XFree86 and xorg. Using the GTK+ library.

Gnome was started by Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena in August 1997. Gnome is now a popular desktop interface based mainly on the idea of "simplicity" and ease.

Desktop: nautilus
File Manager: nautilus
Window Manager: metacity or sawfish
Menu: gnome-panel

Gnome 2.8 is now available on Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntu Warty Warthog everyone!

My sister uses Gnome for her X session.
by tsphan November 26, 2004

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Software that has a source code available to the public.

Giving the public the ability to modify, improve, and fix the program itself. Allowing the creator of the program to not have to find a way to fix the program himself and allowing more patches and improvements to the software.

Also allowing the public to be able to port the program onto other operating systems, so that dual-booters who can program will make a windows version of an awesome GNU/Linux/BSD/Solaris program.

See also open source
My Slackware has the linux source code locate in "/usr/src/linux". I compile my own linux kernal to fit my needs of my computer. Take that M$!

GPL is an example of an open-source license.
by tsphan November 26, 2004

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