The best you can get on that particular kind of thing. The best that money can buy.
That jacket/dvd player/tv is top of the line.
by hernan August 28, 2007
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something used to describe a person, a thing, a place or a group that is the best in a certain category.
antonio: yo brother! check out those chicks man. they are on top of the line!

sean: damn nice man. quality!
by seanwoodsen September 4, 2010
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Every conservative family or otherwise typically has one or more younger ladies who are 'top of the line' meaning they have been able to achieve most all of their goals,dreams, wants or needs in life such as independence from any man, education, strong ties with family, God, abstained from random sex, high self respect, esteem, strength and that most of all they are bound for a University college with a fullfilling career after that. As such a University campus is filled with many young ladies who are 'top of the line' at least within in the hierachy of their family and they often feel grateful to their families for helping to make them successful. Their families have pushed them to where they are and also pin all their dreams, hopes, desires, wants and needs on to these young, fresh ladies. For some young ladies they might be the first in their families to obtain a Univesity level degree therefore making the family very proud of them.

The artist Kelly Clarkson is a good role model of inspiration for what top of the line means with her song 'break away.' It could embody the spirit of the independent career minded woman within the lyrics such as:

"Buildings with a hundred floors Swinging round revolving doors Maybe I don't know where they'll take me But, gotta keep moving on, moving on Fly away, breakaway."

These beautiful, smart ladies often enough scare average men away or intimidate them as feeling they can't compete for their attentions. These ladies probably won't be impressed by your average guy unless he is lucky as they aren't going to be undersold for all their efforts and might be looking for an educated, successful, superman type gentleman who will treat them like a lady princess.
A guy at a friends party says 'hey dude look at that hottie over there!' His friend replies, 'oh forget it man, she is 'top of the line' and your never going to get with her because your not her type or don't deserve her!.'
by honestguy87110 August 15, 2009
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