Mar, also known as god, is the most beautiful creature that has ever lived. Anyone who has the name is instantly blessed. Mar is superior.
Mar is so Amazing!
by hiddengoddess May 26, 2019
The name Mar Is a wonderful name to have, and he's simply a prodigy! A genius waiting to emerge into the spotlight! Mar is a very rare celestial being that roams this earth. Mar is kindhearted, and will always be playful and intelligent. But be warned-- Mar adores Marshmallows, and if they dont get their marshmallows then they will be super grumpy and taunt you. This name is a gift from God himself, so if you are named Mar, then consider yourself lucky. Mar tends to have hunger for knowledge, and always follow their own truths and ideals to remain true and pure in this world. Mar will normally conflict with themselves and other fellow humans, but will eventually find out what the issue is. If you plan on being a hoe or you dont act like yourself(and pretend to be someone that you're not), then stay away--- cause he'll snatch your toes for tainting his path to truths and ideals! Oh, and if Mar ever gets hurt... You'll simply be smashed and squashed like an M&M.
"Yeah, Mar? He's amazing! And he always gives me ice cream sandwiches, hes very kind. I love him to death!"

"Yo have you seen Mar? He's such a silly bookworm, but i guess that will come in handy for his bright future/"

"If i could pick out a role model, i would definetly choose Mar. Outstanding performance, always meditates and learns more about himself.. And he even studies others around him to understand the world! A very smart intellectual, i must say."

"God, if perfection existed, it would definetly be Mar."
by Ms. Anonymous! November 26, 2018
a real life blessing, the equivalent to an angel. usually has a heart of gold and cares about everyone. a whole lesbian. typically non-binary. has a huge crush on saoirse ronan and an obsession with bees.
person: did you know honey is dating mar???

person 2: no but mar is an angel, they saved my life.
by ophicleide October 20, 2019
Cool, confident and extremely cocky.

Extremely well-rounded who excels in several factors in life such as a nice body, intelligence, witty, humorous, likable, has a hot girl.

Has alot of experience in life.
I wanna be like Mar. He does have it set in life.
by homi3don7playdat January 28, 2012
smart and dumb draws hieroglyphics and is lesbian!
by gauge15 December 17, 2019
a response to a witty or offbeat comment
That is quite mar of you Lloyd.

Well thank you Baxter.
by Mar-vellous September 27, 2006