Idk they're cool or something..... Lil annoying though sometimes. It's fine cause they're hot.
"Solaris is hot"

by Arsonorsomething April 12, 2021
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An Operating system created by Sun Microsystems for server managment. It is different than most other OS's, being that is a GUI. It can also be used as a standard OS (like Windows or Mac OS X).

Sun quotes it as "the most efficient, secure, and reliable operating system ever built," although that may or may not just be an opinionated statement.
Solaris is a fine data managment platform.
by Gyrojet June 7, 2007
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The Italian Family name of the long lost king and queen of Italy. To have this name means to have great power and beauty. To influence the say of others and get their way.
This name now days is to describe beauty bigger than the sun.
oh my, she's/he's a Solari for sure !!!!
by Long Lost Solari Leader July 7, 2011
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dude solarious contacted me last night and i became so wet
by Veranisa July 5, 2017
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A beautiful, gifted, and the most loveliest girl you will ever meet.

She is extremely competitive, but that's what drives her to reach her goals in life. She is a dedicated and loyal person, who would do anything for her friends
"Who's that?"
"That's Solari! The most cutest person on the planet!"
"I've got to get her number"
by dixxychix December 30, 2014
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she is cute, sweet, smart, and funny but also different. No one gets her and she feels like she is unloved. Law is just one of her turn ons. She has the funniest quirks. She thinks she is a dumpling because she cant loose baby fat and be a modle.
by solmel1 September 9, 2019
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