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The best argument against democracy.
Wikipedia is full of edit wars, elitist admins, and non-peer reviewed information.
by Phil0 May 22, 2011

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The Comics and Cartoons board on 4chan that consists of:

* Grown men idolizing comic book superheroes.
* Fanboys of 80's - early 00's cartoons that consider them to be the greatest cartoons ever made because they grew up with them.
* General threads of Adventure Time, The Regular Show, My Little Pony,, and Homestuck (the en vogue series as of May 2011) that spam the board.
* Trolls that post fetish artwork from deviantart and get 200+ replies.
Typical /co/ conversation

Anon #1: Adventure Time is the greatest show ever!!!
Anon #2: I think Hey Arnold is better!!!
Anon #1: >>STOP LIKING WHAT I DISLIKE amirite? lol take off your nostalgia glasses!!!
by Phil0 May 12, 2011

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