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Reddit used to be okay but has completely pointless censorship now. Mods removed original posts and reposts just break. 4 original posts which can't be founld elsewhere on Internet are now called spam. It seems like they whitewash Klei Entertainment on Reddit as well
r/KleiUncensored has been banned from Reddit

his subreddit was banned due to being used for spam.
by Barkingdog June 5, 2023
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Another anonymous freak from mediawiki.org who slanders and abuses other users for no reason.
- P858snake threats people like shit
- Everything is fine. This is mediawiki.org.
by Barkingdog June 20, 2023
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Tortures are the new norm here in 2023
So-called people on Wikipedia will be like this

- Hail Jimmy Wales!

- Hail Angela Merkel!
by Barkingdog June 3, 2023
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A scam. You're an idiot for even opening it. Nobody is paid to write anything here. Jimmy Wales and Wikimedia Foundations makes sure that nobody is paid.
'Wikipedia Taken Over By Left, Nobody Should Trust It': Wikipedia Co-founder Larry Sanger
by Barkingdog April 18, 2023
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Anonymous freaks will punch your kids in the face here. If you trust any animal here...
Wikipedia is a place of civil discussions where people are oppressed, slandered, censored and any your sources doesn't really matter. All what matters is edit counts and indefinitely banned people you disagree over absurd things.

Wikipedia loves rapes, blood and war criminals.
by Barkingdog June 5, 2023
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No one has taken responsibility for all the half-assed shit you've seen here from time to time for decades. It's free, really... It cost a lot of money too, but Jimmy Wales really likes to bullshit everyone with $5. You weren't scammed, so it's free for you...
Wikipedia ia a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation
by Barkingdog April 21, 2023
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Yet another terrible and loud freak from Russian Wikipedia. Nothing new, everything is fine.

Hail Putler Klip game!
Hail Angela Merkel Klip game!
I know Klip game - no one said.
I trust Klip game - no one said.
Klip game is a cool guy - no one said.
by Barkingdog August 31, 2023
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