Guy 1: Dude, where are you at?

Guy 2: at McDonalds, gotta love free wifi
by ABeatifulWizard August 20, 2015
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Something essential to a kids life such as water, food etc.
Oh no! We don't have wifi! My life is over!!!!
by Anonymous61676279625863 November 7, 2015
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Undeveloped cat
Wifi is small but cute
by Baptist loves croissants February 15, 2019
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Yo, yah mom is wifi, everyone uses her
by Shah Santanna January 12, 2014
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WiFi is called Wireless Fidelity, or Wireless internet. In most areas, there are many wifi providers to choose from! The best part is- they're all free! You can choose from "Joe's WiFi", Linksys, Netgear, or sometimes Holiday Inn. You'll probably get the best experience with linksys or netgear, because the idiots that rename their router probably aren't smart enough to lock it.

No contracts, no obligations, no credit card required!
WiFi! It's the wave of the future!
Mike: Hey neighbor, you got WiFi? Mine went down!
Joe: REALLY? Mine went down too! Who's your provider?
Mike: Joe's WiFi.
Joe: WHY YOU SON OF A $^#@$

by linuxftw July 21, 2008
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A really nice Minecraft YouTuber who somewhat plagiarizes from other Hermitcraft YouTubers for videos and also creates a lot of original content. He is a really nice, good, and smart person in real life and is a really good friend.
Wow, Wifies is such a good Minecraft YouTuber, he should have so many more subs.
by Prankster999 October 31, 2019
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