another word for: blow job, head, sucking on the dick
ex: damn! that bitch gave good wifi
by Billy Peterson May 06, 2008
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Abbreviation for common phrase "deal wif it!".

To put off no longer.
David: You finish your work yet?
Bob: No , aint had time.
David: Wifi man!
by The Ragin Ju January 07, 2005
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When you dubbledongel someone so hard under sex and they become a catalyst for wifi connection.
Omg man, i gave her the dubble dongel yesterday, couldnt figure out the wifi password though.. shame.
by kangaroocash August 26, 2020
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WiFi says connected... then please act like it
My WiFi constantly doesn’t work
by FlipperDoor5488 March 26, 2019
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WIFI can be used as a greeting or for stunting purposes.
WIFI, bro. How you been?

Look at my new whip, dude. #WIFI
by MOOKIE GOLDSTEIN November 14, 2016
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