To act like Dr Watson (or any other smarty Watson - like Dominic Watson) referring all the time to Urban Dictionary saying it is a real dictionary.
A I am saying you that 'squiz' is a real term - it is on urban dictionary, it is the real dictionary, dictionary of the people.
B Ah, you are just doing your watsonize thing again.
by ggta February 08, 2013
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To be beaten by a computer at a game.
All Time Jeopardy Champion Ken J. was Watsoned last night on Jeopardy.
by mpWannaBe March 03, 2011
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Someone who lives permanently in the shadow of another I.E John Watson lived in the shadow of Sherlock Holmes.
Vince wouldn't dream of interrupting his good friend Charlie. He was a right Watson.
by The curious bibliophile August 15, 2019
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a watsoner is someone who is a part of Emma Watson’s fandom. those people are so kind and creative, they really love their idol. they will always cheer you up and will try to make you happy no matter what. you really need to find you a watsoner, or maybe become one?
"i met a watsoner on instagram 2 days ago!"
"yeah she was so kind to me."
by 8960 February 28, 2021
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A very beautiful man who always has the right thing to say. Best guy in the world to make you smile and laugh, never fails to be the center of attention. Smart and very down to earth. Has an obsession with mary-jane and the colour green. He is perfect in every way. All girls want him.
"Do you know Watson?"

"Oh, you mean the smart guy you can always make every one laugh?"

'Yeah, that's my boyfriend."

"OMG, I'm seriously jealous...."
by Manderrbabyy February 03, 2014
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When you are about to cum you cover the end of your penis with your thumb to hold back your load so that when you decide to release it, it shoots out with additional force.
Person A: "Dude, that chick says your money shot knocked her on her ass."

Person B: "Ya man, I gave her the Watson."
by Ivan Denyesovich December 06, 2009
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