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An underaged sockpuppet of another user, GoldXAssassin is a wiki wanderer who loves to hang around wikis and make unhelpful stuff, and then assassinate the wiki bureaucrats (report the wiki's leaders to FANDOM Staff). GoldXAssassin is also a drama lover who loves spying on others.
GoldXAssassin pretends to be helpful and nice on the surface, but if you mildly anger him, he starts screaming like a 3-year-old.
by y = mx + b December 17, 2021
Usernam10 is a childish and eccentric undeserving administrator of the obselete Mope.io wiki on an illegal site called Wikia/Fandom.
Usernam10 likes to cry over spilt milk. After his best friends on the site got banned from the platform a year ago, he still mourns everyday.
by y = mx + b December 11, 2021
The roach motel of wiki hosting: they check you in, but they don't let you check out. They promise to host your wiki for free, but then they plaster it with intrusive advertising, restrictive rules and unsightly reskins. And, when you want to leave their site for good, you will realise that you could not as the mentally unstable staff in their site would harass you, threatening to leak your IP address, email address, as well as any other personal information that you had once given to the site. As icing on the cake, you would also be forced to rejoin their platform due to domain duplicate penalties, to get them more advertisement views and to feed them with 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 information which they would later use against you to prevent you from leaving.
Now known as FANDOM, Wikia is a horrendous, greedy, clickbait-filled site which you should never visit.
by y = mx + b December 19, 2021
Now known as FANDOM, a terribad, greedy wiki-hosting platform. Ads are intrusive, and the staff of the site censors content to appease their biased radical views. Those autocrats act without thinking, and look at the entire online existences of real people with the indifference of a terrorist. They also rain global blocks on people like maniacs who don't care about the feelings of others. Racism, ageism and a lot of other biased thoughts are prevalent on this corrupt site.
I was the founder of a popular wiki about a popular recently-hit game on Wikia/FANDOM in 2019. After lots of hard work, the wiki collected many ardent fans who edit pages and add information to the growing site which already had 271 pages complete with pictures, links to other sites, GIFs and strategies on how to get better at the game,along with numerous discussion posts in early 2020. The wiki was growing almost every single day, with more viewers, editors and contributors. And just then, FANDOM's group of drunk people (FANDOM staff) came by and closed the wiki, claiming that it was a duplicate of a wiki which was made much later than my wiki and had only 11 pages and literally no active users. And of course, the editors of the wiki and I sent requests to Zendesk (their useless helpdesk), just to be met with a series of copy-pasted messages that literally just mean 'we can't do anything'. And as icing on the cake, they started global blocking me for harassing them. I was global blocked 3 times in all. And after one month of agony and torture, they disabled and anonymised my account, causing 34,173 global edits to be lost. I was totally furious but could not do anything at all, due to the magnitude of corruption in their site.
by y = mx + b December 14, 2021
A crappy entertainment site which you should never visit
Join the Anti-Wikia Movement!!!
by y = mx + b December 19, 2021
A person pretending to be a helpful, question-answering friend on FANDOM Community Central. In actual fact, HumansCanWinEves is a terrible data-trafficker who only follows the radical ideas of the demented bunch of people called FANDOM staff like a coyote.
HumansCanWinEves likes to mock and report underage users like a machine.
by y = mx + b December 14, 2021
The mean account disabler of FANDOM.
Kimberton: Thanks. I have taken care of the alt and placed an IP-block. Now, goodbye, meanie!
by y = mx + b December 7, 2021