Slang term for someone who is a member of a Spec Ops team.
Bjorn was an operator with the 10th group.
by mrPickles September 6, 2004
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adj. badass, amazing, best-of-the-best, the shit - from the term for a member of a spec ops team, spec ops being the cream of the military crop.
"I love marshmallows." "Marshmallows are fucking operator, bro." "Fo sho let's get some."
by Reymas October 6, 2015
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this guy also says, "main screen turn on."

also see
by Susan December 15, 2003
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the man in charge, the man who gets things done, more like the main man.
She's the operator in that team, the whole town knows it
by the-operator June 30, 2010
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A segment of DNA which helps control gene expression in prokaryotes (i.e. bacteria and such).
When the repressor binds to the operator, the operon gets turned on.
by Kathryn January 22, 2005
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Anyone in an authoritarian role with a weapon of a fire arm class.
That sargent is an operator with the M16-A4.
by Dustin March 3, 2005
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