"Work from Home" - a concept popularized from COVID-19, where everyone is self-quarantined, resulting in many working from home.
Ex. I'm going to put on the WFH 15 because of stress snacking -@overheardamazon
by doaw_jones March 17, 2020
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1.Work From Home. Want to stay away from interruptions at work so you can focus 150% on a job.

2.Work From Home. You're multitasking and juggling between homework and the job tasks.
You're WFH, means you're commited to progressing or finishing a job
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Working from home - when your slacking off and not wanting to do any work.
ie: He is so lazy he may as well be WFH.
ie: If you are a slacker, you are WFH.
by John Briggs November 13, 2003
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Abbreviation for 'working from home', as an alternative to working in the usual location, typically an office.

Commonly expressed with quotation marks to denote the idea that a person will not actually do any work; if any, only to give an appearance of working.
Are you joining the program increment planning alignment session tomorrow, Simon?

I can't unfortunately. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am "working from home". I updated our team schedule board this morning with "WFH".
by StateOfWapen March 22, 2019
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Wanking Frantically at Home. The act of masturbating oneself into a frenzy in work's time!
Dave's not in today - he's WFH as his wife's out for the day.
by V6Greg March 13, 2008
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Any easy way to hide from coworkers and make them think you're working.
Joe sent an email that he is WFH again today! He's got that three day weekend technique down solid!
by Tajador January 30, 2008
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WFH-WEH is an abbreviation for “Work from home, with everyone home”. It became common place to use this phrase during the Covid-19 outbreak, and originated in Austin, Texas.
Because all of us have entered a brave new world. Not just Work From Home (WFH)…. but Work From Home - With Everyone Home (WFH-WEH)! Now that’s a whole different deal.
by livemusiccapital April 9, 2020
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