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Cowboy(s) From Hell

Originating with Pantera, an American heavy metal or "power groove" band from Texas; CFH is the acronym for Cowboys From Hell, the name of the first widley-released Pantera album. Pantera fans and band members (such as Dimebag Darrell, Phil Anselmo, and Rex Brown) often have CFH tattoos; CFH is often associated with "strength" or "power".
"Step aside, we're the cowboys from hell!"
-"Cowboys From Hell"

"I'm born again, with snake's eyes. Becoming... God-sized"

"The CFH tattoo on Phil's head is so rediculiousley badass"

Rest in Peace, Dimebag
by SDMF13 May 19, 2007
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The CFH is a hardcore street gang that originated in the Wayzata/Plymouth area in Minnesota. The gang is identified by the color green. The main rival of the CFH is the 'Cleveland Steamers'. They frequently get into gang wars with one another. Many wonder what CFH stands for, but the gang keeps it a secret, unless you are involved in the gang. The initiations into the gang vary on the individual.
Joe: Did you know that CJ is a CFH?

Ben: No freakin' way man! That's hardcore intense. Better not tell Billy, because he's a Cleveland Steamer.

Joe: Yeah. Fo sho.

The CFH is the most badass gang you'll ever come across.
by HughJass69 January 03, 2008
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An acronym meaning "Cowboys from Hell", derived from groove metal Pantera's best album and song of the same name. When written, the right side of the 'H' is bent outwards to form a circle, one of the coolest logos ever.

The song's one of their best known, and is undoubtedly their theme song, so 'CFH' has been used on all kinds of Pantera memorabilia and clothes and that shit. Also, the "Cowboys from Hell" is sometimes used as a nickname to refer to the band itself, who also have tattoos (such as Dimebag's guitar on his shoulder) related to the 'CFH' moniker, and even Dime himself when he signed autographs added 'CFH' (may he rest in peace).
Chris (in Coldplay shirt): Dude, what's up with the shirt?
Will (in Pantera shirt): CFH, motherfucker, the Cowboys From Hell, Pantera, the greatest band ever.
Chris: Cowboys? Really gay, dude.
Will: No it's not, retard. They're all from Texas, so they're allowed to use it and not be gay. You know who IS gay? That faggot who sings for YOUR shitty band, Cockplay, or whatever it's called. Have you seen him perform? He fucking flaming.
Chris: ...
Will: Exactly.
by xCFHx December 11, 2009
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