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An acronym which letters stand for "masturbating from home". This is a corruption of the original corporate office environment acronym for "working from home", and was conceptually derived from the obvious incorporation of masturbation 'breaks' taken by those working in their home environs during the workday.
Co-Worker #1: "Are you MFH today?"
Co-Worker #2: "Yeah - the software requirements are 90% complete, but I've only taken one break so far this morning."
by galamaria February 11, 2008
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Shorthand for "Merge from HEAD", used when talking about merging changes from the HEAD of the source code tree into a branch in source control systems such as CVS or Subversion.
You'll want to MFH to get the latest bug fixes in foo.c.
by John Mertic May 09, 2007
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Acronym for Music For Horses. Posh, intelligent, arty music for the posh over 30s, yuppies who think they're still hip by listening to them. That's all they'll listen to and know about in today's "trendy" market. Whereas the typical music fan will listen to them also, but will have varied music tastes. They wouldn't even know who the Arctic Monkeys were....

e.g. Coldplay, Keane and more recently The Editors, and Dido who must be defunct by now?
Ahhh Coldplay a classic example of M.F.H.
by olly_w September 02, 2007
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Literally stands for "Mother Fucking Healthy". It can be used to describe something extremely desirable or of good content.
Miguel: I heard you ran through that bitch
Drigz: Yea, she was yellin' all kind of shit
Miguel: Was it good?
Drigz: MFH
by Mike Drigz December 06, 2005
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