Eating in small quantity.
To 'snack' is to eat a small quantity of food, between meals, or instead of a main meal.

Snacking may also be used in place of the term cunny lingus or the practice of using ones tongue to sexually excite the female sexual organs.
This was used to great effect in a PC and console game called "F.E.A.R" where the hero must rescue a young woman and one of the characters says "She is still alive, I just hope no one has been snacking on her"

boy: Mom dont cook me any food tonight I have been snacking round at Lisa's place.
by hugh g vagina April 22, 2008
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When one possesses an inordinately large variety of snacks such that they must be heaped on top of each other just to fit within their required space.
Jonas: hey you got any snacks around here?
Samuel (giving him an incredulous look): No I don't have snacks here, I have snacks on snacks man, check out my pantry, you can barely keep the door closed

(Nude man running down the street in a celebratory manner holding a bag of doritos, buggles, pringles, jays, and lays)
Nude Man: I've got snacks on snacks baby!

by J Dog12 March 26, 2009
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The act of pleasuring ones self, Masturbating…

Originated in the shower, and drunkenly proclaimed its truth in a garage

Kept alive by: D.T.M, Mistress G., MiniWheats, and all that adore this word

Taking a closer look: snacks are delicious pastime pleasures, so is playing with your puZZy. It can be seen as a DIRECT LINEAR CORRILATION with playing with one’s puZZy, see: puZZy, by Mistress G. for more detail.

BTW: a puZZy doesn’t necessarily have to be played with, nor does a cock. The phrase “Snack Snack Snack” can be used in reference with either action, and is to be used whenever, however so long as its; Snack Snack Snack

Represent, Doing it one time for the Kids. Locking down the Bay Area, California Babybee!!!
1) Damn Hella Horny Man.... Snack Snack Snack!

2)"You Know When You're In The Shower, Just mmmm Snack Snack Snack"

3) A little Snack Snack Snack... Eh!
by Dan The Man (D.T.M) March 10, 2005
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when a person constantly needs a snack, they are referred to as a snacks on snacks
Ryan: Come on coach, i need a snack!
Coach: Ryan, your just a snacks on snacks!
by swagmuffin December 23, 2011
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when one has a plentiful amount of snacks in their cupboard that they are heaped on top of one another. often used as a boast.
"have you got anything to eat"
"man, i've got snacks on snacks"
by anthony1239 February 8, 2009
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When one attains something of great value or great interest, but soon after attains something of similar or even greater value.
(4 guys are passing two fat blunts around, you take a huge drag out of the 1st blunt and burns your throat, then right after the 2nd blunt is passed to you)

Jeff - "shit dude...i've just got snacks on snacks"
Brian - "rofl"

(In Seoul there are many motels next to bars...Guy walks out of the bar with a random hot chick he picked up at the bar and heads over to the nearest motel.)

Guy - "damn...snacks on snacks right here"
by byommer June 17, 2009
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The snack food you grab while you ponder what to snack on (usually done subconsciously, but not accidentally).

Most of the time, an oatmeal pie is chosen.
A story defining snack snack:

Man: *grabs oatmeal cream pie and starts to eat it* Hey, what do you want to eat?

Hungry Guy: I don't know.

Man: *halfway done with the oatmeal cream pie* A honey bun sounds rather tasty right now.

Hungry Guy: *grabs mumbling stomach* Yeah it does.

Man: *finishes oatmeal cream pie* Alright, well I'll grab the box of Oreos and go back upstairs.

Hungry Guy: *dies of starvation*
by Adam Walton October 15, 2007
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