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Eating in small quantity.
To 'snack' is to eat a small quantity of food, between meals, or instead of a main meal.

Snacking may also be used in place of the term cunny lingus or the practice of using ones tongue to sexually excite the female sexual organs.
This was used to great effect in a PC and console game called "F.E.A.R" where the hero must rescue a young woman and one of the characters says "She is still alive, I just hope no one has been snacking on her"

boy: Mom dont cook me any food tonight I have been snacking round at Lisa's place.
by hugh g vagina April 22, 2008
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Snacking (someone): Having sex with someone significantly lighter than you are.

Usually a difference of 20kg or more for a woman snacking a man,
30kg or more for people of the same sex,
and 40kg or more for a man snacking a woman.
That chick is totally snacking of John! I hope he'll make it alive!
by Monculpoilu July 18, 2013
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