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A condescending term used by egotistical, stuck up "privileged" individuals with abnormally large sums of money (usually politicians) to refer to "ordinary" members of society.
by iEatElders May 17, 2018
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The People is an underestimated group of individuals who are VERY powerful. They pick certain civilians who are believed to have loyalty, power, integrity, etc and begin the Control Project. The People are ALWAYS watching... There is no way to not be watched. If they are interested in you or you are undergoing the initiation stage they will watch, listen, and learn about you until they Mark you as eligible or as a liability. The student's undergoing initiation must complete many test to prove they are worthy. The test of the ninja, the test of the third eye, the test of the gorilla, the test of the scorpion, etc. All of these test, and the ones not listed due to the limited amount of info I can give, all have special reasons behind them but sadly I cannot explain those reasons. The People are experts of deception and can go undercover long-term with people and catch no emotional attachment but can fake it with perfection. The People are everywhere but only few know who they are.. But remember.. The People are watching you.
Say hi to the camera! You are being watched by the people
by Agent Bud January 22, 2015
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Any individual or group who could potentially irritate/agitate/annoy you with their nonsense for no apparent reason.
OMG! Here she comes with her bull! I dont have time for the people!

I have to go to my inlaws for christmas but i really don't wanna be bithered with thw people.
by Lil Renee October 05, 2019
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