80 definitions by carl

fancy and high-class. Also, frilly or snobish
Sally lives in a very fufu neighborhood
by carl February 17, 2003
a ghetto way to say 'ringtone' for a cell phone
'Yo, I just downloaded some new ringjams.
by carl October 25, 2004
to recieve an "ass kickin'" after a police pursuit. either on foot or in a vehicle
"WHEN" we catch that guy, he's gonna get "rodney kinged"!!!
by carl June 30, 2003
A stout stub of cotton standing 2 feet tall and clad in a blue jacket with red lining. 1 of the 3 buttons is defective. It cannot move or talk without the aid of a nearby Human (Benito). It normally has a jerkish attitude and is lazy as hell. Currently Crowned Miss Teen USA and is awaiting the Billion dollars promised to him.
by carl August 16, 2003
A big thick bootyliscious grabtastic
ass, mainly on african american women, although - there are plenty of white skittles that have Badonkadonks.
"Damn T, That hoe got one slamin' badonkadonk" "Thats Right, My Dear Friend, She does, and I've 'hit that shizznit with my dangla many times'
by carl August 27, 2003