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owner of fkd.iwarp.com he is a random hero but its mainly a guy that is always naked every time i go to his house he is naked or has shorts on at the most
"put some clothes on naked dave"
by carl January 13, 2004
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How people from Boston pronounce New York
"Because I'm nawt in Atlanner. I'm not in New Yock!" -Tom Hanks in catch me if you can
by carl May 02, 2004
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when your cock gets grounded up into mince
"i had intercourse with my lawn mower, best 2 minates of my life.. unfortunatly i now have minced jiblets."
by carl November 22, 2004
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A person who is stupid/lacking in intellect, someone who defies common sense.
"Oh you stupid monas" would mean "you total idiot". "Don't be a monas man..." etc.
by carl June 04, 2003
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