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A uringer is when a girl sticks her hand way up a guy's butt and gives him a handjob from the inside.
Mary made Chris turn around and bend over and quickly proceeded to give him a uringer that he would remember forever.
by carl March 11, 2005
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Fam is short for family..

its like how people say "sup bro?"
-bro being short for brother
-brother meaning family
= Fam
"sup fam?"

"nuttin much holmes.."
by carl November 23, 2004
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yo u see shamikas coochy it was huge
by carl March 31, 2004
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to "get ones chuck a roasting" is like putting your penis in a nice warm pussy, thus your "chuck" gets a "roastin"
I got my chuck a roastin with Jen Zaino over the weekend
by carl February 26, 2005
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A Pikey is a 'mush' (often pronounced 'mish') that can be found stealing and selling alloys often for use on Esorts or Fiesta's. Similar to Towney scum (who wear socks tucked into their kappa tracksuit trousers...), only with a different (strained) accent. Phrases may include: 'Go-on look, mish', 'Batastoosis', Blood Cunt, Curry Cunt and Chored, etc...
"I'll ave yr eyes out u curry bastad! Give me dem alloys mish b4 i ram me transit into yr caravan..."
by carl June 8, 2004
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Yo wigga lets go smoke that "J" or i'll kizzle your ass mofo!
by carl February 14, 2005
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