All wisdom and compassion are eternaly linked.
by Nait June 21, 2006
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Something only the truly hardcore and awesome people in this world possess. While it's popular to believe that only wusses are compassionate, this is not true, it takes guts to care. It's popular to call the compassionate names because people who don't care feel like bitches when they see us doing something they don't have the balls to do.

Anyone can lack compassion, it's easy, just do nothing that helps other people.
Compassion isn't to be confused with being a tool you become a tool by being compassionate and naive.
Guy1: That over-hyped celebrity tried to display compassion and gave 130k to the Salvation Army! Isn't she awesome??!!
Guy2: ohmygod she gave 0.4% of her massive fortune to an unbelievably inefficient idiot's charity? You're right! She IS amazing! She donated with a straight face!

Dude1: I saw Tony helping unload the food truck down at the food bank.
Dude2: Isn't Tony poor as hell, supporting his siblings on his 50 hour workweek, and trying to stay above water in college too? How does he find time to unload a food bank truck?
Dude3: It was on a weekend, guess he got a Saturday off.
Dude2: Damn I wish I was that cool, too bad it's so hard to be compassionate.
by Sibilus March 31, 2008
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Compasssion is when yo friend needs to shave her legs so you drop a duke in a different bathroom so she don't have to bask in yo glory.
Dropping a duke elsewhere showed a lot of compassion.
by Johnnie V. March 12, 2016
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Something all penis endowed persons lack.
Where the hell is your compassion ****?
by Candi May 27, 2003
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thinking hard about nothing and coming up with something
compassive is when you think about nothing,but you get ideas =)
by Rubeeeennnnnn January 9, 2009
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In the subculture of marijuana slang, compassing is a tool used to assist a smoker who is using a pipe. The person who took the hit directly before the person who now has the bowl says, for example "Northeast," if the green is to the top right of the bowl (farther away from the smoker), or "Southwest," if the green is to the bottom left of the bowl (closer to the smoker).
Bob "Hey bro, I didnt get a good hit, can you give me a compass?"

Dave "Sure man, my last hit was Northwest."

Bob "Thanks! That was much better."

Dave "Don't thank me, thank whoever invented Compassing."
by Ethereal Magnanimus November 24, 2007
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someone who cares about the thoughts and feelings of others before they think of themselves
by celine ;) July 10, 2004
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