A app that you could make funny videos on which was shut down a couple years ago but, it will have a sequel called "Vine 2β„’"
Vine is the best thing ever. Some of the most iconic and funniest Vines are on YouTube.
by sorta._.aesthetic March 06, 2018
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A 6-60 sec video usually included some sort of comedy. Most of the comedy is crummy, acting is bad, and get to much attention. Vines are supremely easy to make yet instead of making them people watch them. Target Audience is from about is any age for girls. For boys 6-13.
Vines Involve No talent, horrible sense of humor, a attractive person, and most importantly idiots to watch. Fallow these steps and you will be internet famous in NO TIME AT ALL!
by riost October 08, 2015
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6 second videos of people who are desperately trying to be funny. It's massive popularity is just another sign that we've become dumber as a species, since everyone with an IQ above 90 finds Vine unfunny, boring, stupid and annoying.
"Dude I like vine so much! I like it almost like My Little Pony!"
by Bentrion November 22, 2015
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1. 90s slang for expensive clothing

Notably used in the 1997 hip hop anthem Luchini AKA This Is It by Camp Lo

2. Plural of Vine- a short, popular, usually nonsensical, comedic video on the inters of net
Man #1: Smooth vines yo
Man #2: Aye thanks man

Preteen #1: Hey look at these Vines, they're so funny!
Older Brother #1: Turn that stupid shit off, good lord
by No-Pants Gatmasta December 11, 2018
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Place where white people go to watch black people talk like they (black people) do everyday, and laugh at every gasp of breath that the black person lets out... This is also the number one contributor to 21st-Century words.
Christian: "Dude, I'm Vining on Vine right now!"

JosΓ©: "You're putting up a video?"

Christian: "No, I'm watching this...(laughs) hilarious... (laughs even harder) video of black people! (says while cracking up)"
by Gizmo11 December 03, 2015
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An app that is very popular. A video that only lasts 6 seconds. An app that most teenagers and young adults uses. An app filled with comedy,tragedy, educational, mind blowing, and so on.
OMG! Have you seen Weekly Chris on Vine?! He is cute
Lele Pons should make vines more often.
Allicat is really funny on vine.
Justin Bieber and Josh Peck have their own vine!
by TheUrbanGirlNextDoor October 30, 2014
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The most popular social network app, next to twitter, which allows you to record short 15 second videos of annoying/ funny moments in your life. (Only available on iPhones)
"OMG that was perfect! Do it again so I can vine that!"

"Hey girl, vine me doing these backflips!"
by Tiaraaaa June 03, 2013
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