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A Group of Ignorant Rednecks who Dress up in bedsheets and protest because they are still but hurt from the civil war. Known For having the mental capacity of a potato.
look at those Ku Klux Klan members. I wonder if any of them graduated high school.
by riost November 27, 2015

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A 6-60 sec video usually included some sort of comedy. Most of the comedy is crummy, acting is bad, and get to much attention. Vines are supremely easy to make yet instead of making them people watch them. Target Audience is from about is any age for girls. For boys 6-13.
Vines Involve No talent, horrible sense of humor, a attractive person, and most importantly idiots to watch. Fallow these steps and you will be internet famous in NO TIME AT ALL!
by riost November 27, 2015

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slang for cigarettes
"I'll have a pack of Menthols" said bill "one pack of cancer sticks coming up" said gas station attend
by riost April 03, 2016

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A kid who plays Agar.io that is really salty and hates to be scooped
Scoopy why you so salty bro, Agar.io is stupid.
by riost July 26, 2016

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Some might say Wisconsin is a beer and cheese state. Some will say its the best for parties. I say that Wisconsin is just like any other state. It is so cold you can feel you can't finger tips, but I wouldn't like Wisconsin any other why. Wisconsin is full of warm, welcoming, hard working people. some live in the city, other country and most in small towns. Wisconsin is a state that is near and dear to my heart. Now so people are jerks, but that's just people. Most are nice and will want to to feel like home. Wisconsin is the place all people with soft, loving, and caring hearts belong
Wisconsin is the coldest place in the U.S. be far. Wouldn't have it any other way
by riost November 08, 2015

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