In a sense taken from the music of Tom Waits, a vine is a man's life, and more specifically, his love life.

If one were to listen to the song Another Man's Vine, a song of envy and infidelity, you would hear that a man's lover is a rose on his vine, and when she is unfaithful...Another man picks that rose.
An excerpt from Another Man's Vine,
From the album Blood Money,
By Tom Waits-

"Golden Willie's gone to war
He left his young wife on the shore
Will she be steadfast everyday?
While Golden Willie's far away
Along the way her letters end
She never reads what Willie sends
I see a red rose
I smell a red rose
Red rose blooming
On another man's vine"
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
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1. (Noun) : A social media app similar to instagram where you can post 3-6 second videos to share.

2. (Noun) : A plant like organism that spreads like moss on trees, they are green and droop down like a rope.
Nice vine you posted yesterday!
Maybe we can use the vines from the trees above to cross the lake.
by EpikRoland April 20, 2015
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When a girl uses cheap toilet paper and wiping leaves little strings attached to her pubes.
My buddy Bob hooked up with this beast of a woman and went down on her only to come up with a mouthful of vines!”
by fiftydollarbob December 30, 2010
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A holy app made for OGs
Includes special goods such as dropping croissants and blocking out haters
"What was the best part of this decade?"
"Vine. Definitely vine."
"What's that?"
What-Whatsuagdljadiugds vine?"
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by justheredotcom October 24, 2019
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Vine needs no explanation
Vine is not dead
Silly people confuse vines with memes

Vines are popular videos of people doing or saying funny or stupid things. Lots of vines include people doing a dance called orange justice. Lots of vines are found onTikTok .
Some famous vines include;

You may be verified on Twitter, but are you verified in the eyes of God?

Don’t f**k with me, I have the power of God and Anime by my side.

Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh, you got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya, mwuah, he’s gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya, then he’s gonna skrrrrrrt and dab like whiz Khalifa.

Oops I dropped my croissant
by OopsIDroppedMyCroissant November 26, 2018
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please enjoy this list of vines.
1. You better stop.
2. Come get y'all juice.
3. WTF is up Kyle.
4. That is NOT correct.
5. Mr. Postman.
6. Good evening.
7. This is your space, this is your area.
8. Honestly not sure what to title this one, but it's great so.
9. Someone help Elmo.
10. Pst...what?
11. Can I get a waffle?
12. Welcome back to Jesus Christ Hotline.
13. Oooooh, my boy going to school.
14. Lebron James.
15. #1 Dad.
16. Two bros chillin' in the hot tub.
17. Iz the fourth of July.
18. You have to say that you're fine and you're not really fine.
19. Tweaka Tweaka.
20. Hi, welcome to Chili's.
and many more
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by Doglover1324 July 02, 2018
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