The Scum Of The Internet Who Somehow Has A Following Of 10M 10 Year Olds.
Person: Who Is Your Idol Kiddo?
Person: *loads shotgun*
by Infinity0706 March 19, 2018
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A direct example of why abortion should remain legal.
You’re pro-life because every child is precious? Well, what about Jake Paul?
by MrsJareth February 26, 2018
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Jake Paul is another way to say the words cunt, dumbass, lunatic, bitch and idiot
I hate that guy, he's such a Jake Paul.
by GlassOfWotah June 16, 2020
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An arrogant, narcissistic, cancerous asshole that no one likes. He’s so far up His own ass to the point where he thinks acting like a two year old and bullying people is fucking hilarious.
Person 1: Why do people say that the human race is fucked?

Person 2: Because people like Jake Paul exist
by Iwannakms69 July 10, 2018
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irrelevant, not important. An arrogant loud mouth bitch along with his brother, Logan Paul
"Omg, did she see Jake paul's new clickbait video"
"He's a piece of shit and cancer"
by Fuck team 10 February 7, 2018
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