A man-child that painfully cannot rap. He works for Disney, only because of his attention he received from the now dead as fuck app vine. His fame is from his brother Logan Paul's vines. He has more money than he needs and needs to fucking stop making music.
"Jake Paul gives me cancer,"
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by batshitgoth June 19, 2017
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A brain-dead and illiterate dunce, who gains views and subs from his Disnep fans by acting in a disorderly, immature and stupid fashion.
Child: "Jake Paul is so lit." Jake Paul: "I got some new merch, and its selling like a God Church."
by SheerCommonSense July 21, 2017
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A stupid ass bitch YouTuber who thinks he can rap when really he sounds like a shit , he has gained 9 million subscribers on YouTube for being a cringey bitch ass and most of his fan base is 12 year old girls who have no friends and dab infront of everyone to show how " cool " they are but really they look so cringey that is makes me want to die , Jake Paul is also known for bringing up fake shit just so he can be relevant and get a couple extra dollars on his AdSense account . On august 18 Jake Paul has lost 50k subs for being a lying ass wipe and saying that a popular YouTuber names faze banks assulted a girl but rlly Jake Paul has assult every girl in that team 10 house . Jake Paul was also know to be dirk on the t.v show bizzardvark and apparently quit when rlly Disney fired him for having such a god damn big ego. Fuck you Jake you piece of shit

Me : but u go fired from Disney bitch
by Pricky prick pirck prick August 19, 2017
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The most hypocritical, dumbass, lying, egomaniac I have ever seen. He is one of the most hated you tubers on the platform and really should just quit.
Jake Paul Is a fucking hypocrite.
by BaddieBxtch October 27, 2017
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A gay viner that literally has nothing positive about him. Not even in the slightest is he good at all. He is one of the cringiest boys to walk this planet.

In June 2017, the fag dropped a track called "It's Everyday Bro" which mostly consists of a pile of illogical jumble about how they're "better" than anybody else, including fat cunt Nick Crompton's line "England is my city", obviously he hasn't studied geography like at all.

Jake (and his buttbuddies known as Team 10) got roasted into reality by PewDiePie, H3H3, and countless other YouTubers who have been around on the platform longer than Jake or Logan.

Also, Jake Paul stated that getting five million subs in six months was unprecedented in his rap, when in fact PewDiePie got 11 million subs in six months in 2013-14. Also ironic because Jake Paul says, "PewDiePie is next....". Yeah buddy, let's see you say that shit when Pewds hits 100 million in a few years.

Baby boomers get a pass to complain about this motherfucker, but please don't say the entire millennial generation is like this, please! Not all millennials are like this fuck.
It's everyday bro with that Disney Channel flow
-The first line in It's Everyday Bro by Jake Paul, literally.
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The ugliest,untalented,lying,clickbating,brainless,cheating man alive!
"Im going deaf:("
"Why?What happened!"
"I listened to Jake Paul's "music" and my ears blead"
by clout.gang September 19, 2017
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