to say a poem, piece of literature etc that you have learned, for people to listen to
I've been reciting poetry since i was three years old
recite means to say a poem
by mahmood.Kia November 3, 2013
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A class where smaller groups from the lecture meet separately with a TA to discuss class concepts from the lectures, work on worksheets, etc.
My chem lecture is on Monday and Wednesday, and the recitation meets on Thursday.
by urbster1 January 12, 2006
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This must be unique to NYU, because nobody I've talked to at any other school has heard of it. It's a small group of people from a larger lecture who have to meet with a grad student for a smaller class session that allows students to discuss the material covered in the lecture.
I might possibly pass my liberal art class because we discussed the lecture in my recitation.
by Jane100000 October 14, 2005
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Name for Barack Obama because of his heavy reliance on teleprompters. While some mistakenly call him a great orator, he is actually a mere babbler without his teleprompter. He is now known as the The Reciter, or in England as The Great Reciter.
The Reciter thanked himself during a St. Patrick's Day speech because he can't think and recite off the teleprompter at the same time.

Did you see The Reciter's impromptu speech when his teleprompter broke? He never made one complete sentence.
by jackwayd March 19, 2009
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1) When someone complains about their health problems at length.

2) Music concert featuring an organ (musical instrument).
1) person-A: "I was looking forward to a good discussion, but they kept talking about their aches and pains and I couldn't get a word in edgewise."
person-B: "Ugh, another organ recital?"
person-A: "It totally was."

2) person-C: I'm in the mood for music.
person-D: I'm going out tonight to listen to an organ recital. Want to come with?
person-C: Sure, that sounds great.
by too-many-grouchy-people May 21, 2009
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She gave her husband an octave recital of everything that went wrong during the day. Instead of she shrieked and yelled in a harsh and unpleasant tone of everything that went wrong during the day.
by voicesiren December 28, 2013
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when people discuss their latest surgeries in great detail, common with older folk at social gatherings
I'm trying to enjoy my food at this restaurant, but those old ladies are making me vomit with their organ recital.
by napierman January 18, 2012
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