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Shit, Johns always under so much stress he needs to moss
by I J March 10, 2011
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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to relax or chill. the act of chilling.
mark told trevor to moss while he skeeted in his eye.
by sheky May 23, 2006
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To jump up and catch a football over a defender.
He jumped up and mossed him to score the touchdown.
by Seye November 20, 2003
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TO:Chill,Relax,Pause,Hold on,Stop,Remain in position.
yo man moss on that double cheseburger!
by Rick pickering April 03, 2008
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often used instead of chill, or chillin mossin.
Katya: wuddup girl
Yasmin: nm, just mossin
Yasmin: -bumps really hard- o my bad
Katya: you wanna go have a bogie?
Yasmin: k lets moss in the gazibo
by Yasmiinn October 29, 2008
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to relax, and chill.. and it is also a football players last name ( Randy Moss ) plays for the Pats/ Rats..
yo dont stress it , just mosss
by Manraj Brar March 23, 2008
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