a lonely non binary scrolling through urban dictionary
non binary peeps scrolling though urban dictionary after naming themselves
non-binaries: i think my name should be moss
by donaldtrumpssaggyneck November 19, 2020
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Shit, Johns always under so much stress he needs to moss
by I J March 10, 2011
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To jump up and catch a football over a defender.
He jumped up and mossed him to score the touchdown.
by Seye November 21, 2003
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to relax or chill. the act of chilling.
mark told trevor to moss while he skeeted in his eye.
by sheky May 24, 2006
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often used instead of chill, or chillin mossin.
Katya: wuddup girl
Yasmin: nm, just mossin
Yasmin: -bumps really hard- o my bad
Katya: you wanna go have a bogie?
Yasmin: k lets moss in the gazibo
by Yasmiinn October 29, 2008
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fungus like vegitation that grows on trees mostly.
Hey, Look at that tree with that moss all over it!
by mellowknee January 4, 2006
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1. a HUGE MESS, but, in an endearing sort of way; 2. Rebecca.
She is such a huge moss; one time she dropped her grilled cheese in front of an entire tour group!
by mossy rock October 8, 2009
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