vines are my life its practically the only reason that I can survive in this world.
Vines are my life. Literally.

vines are places i can "relate" to, to not feel lonely
Vines keep me alive
I was sad when vine got taken down
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by ihavenofriendshelpme August 31, 2018
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Our lord and saviour! All praise vine! Gone too soon!
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by MisstaJonesxo February 28, 2019
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Vine was the best web page/app that a human being could get it was an app were you could share 6 second videos and it was were the best memes were created. :(
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by shoethousond August 16, 2019
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The deadest social media of them all.....

Vine is still popular because there are tons of Vine compilations on YouTube, but nobody is making new Vines.

One day, Vine will die out completely....
Guy 1: I made a new Vine today!
Guy 2: Oh boy, didn’t you know Vine is dead?
by A normal Undertale fan October 08, 2018
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