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A social media app that I will always miss. I’m just mad that Jake Paul came onto YouTube he’s ruining it. Same with his fucking brother.
Guy: I miss Vine.
Girl: Me too.

R.I.P Vine, forever in our hearts.
by mythoughtsonlinenotonpaper December 8, 2018
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the british/london way of saying ‘ y’all ’. basically means you lot or you all.
“you man are stupid if you think youngboy is a good rapper.”
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He’s fine as fuck. That’s all I have to say. No cap, either.
Me: Ok, so YBN Nahmir’s daddy, bet? Bet.
Friend: I don’t need to argue, because that’s true.
by mythoughtsonlinenotonpaper October 15, 2018
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a british term. to do a background check on a girl before you decide whether or not you want to wife it. this mainly means checking her body count, but can also mean asking of her to people who may know her and seeing who she’s been in a relationship with. but don’t worry! this can very much apply to the mandem aswell. we’re all thots in this life.
tyrell: so… you gonna get with aaliyah or what?
john: nah man. i did a dbs check on her. she’s been passed about.
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