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Me: Ok, so YBN Nahmir’s daddy, bet? Bet.
Friend: I don’t need to argue, because that’s true.
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by mythoughtsonlinenotonpaper October 15, 2018

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the british/london way of saying ‘ y’all ’. basically means you lot or you all.
“you man are stupid if you think youngboy is a good rapper.”
by mythoughtsonlinenotonpaper July 02, 2020

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A thot is someone that has sex with many different people. They basically sleep around, for clout, money or whatever reason. A good example of one would be Blac Chyna, Amber Rose or your sister.
Thot: Oh my god I slept with Dante last night!
Me: Didn’t you just fuck Ryan last week?
Thot: Yeah.... so..?
Me: You’re such a fucking thot.

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by mythoughtsonlinenotonpaper November 02, 2018

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A social media app that I will always miss. I’m just mad that Jake Paul came onto YouTube he’s ruining it. Same with his fucking brother.
Guy: I miss Vine.
Girl: Me too.

R.I.P Vine, forever in our hearts.
by mythoughtsonlinenotonpaper December 07, 2018

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