I, a Vietnamese person, see a lot of this conceited things as well as things that just aren't true at all. Everyone who's writing the hate stuff about Vietnamese people are just...wtf man. I saw a person that wrote how we just rip off from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, all that stuff. Well you know what? We barely have ANYTHING that the Japanese have, in Vietnam we learn to how to do many useful things in life at a young age that many Americans can't. Chinese? They freaking ruled over us for many years so our words derived from them. Our writing style derived from French. Korean? You're just naming another country. Most of us are hardworking. You know why? Because most of our parents come from Vietnam coming to America with nearly nothing but their clothes and a few cents of change. There's a few people who don't want to work hard because they're not caring or live in a bad environment, but most of us do. We do not say "du ma" every few seconds, but Americans always ask us how to say "eff you" in Vietnamese, so don't blame us. No we don't all do nails, or all computer engineers, or all doctors and stuff. Yes, we have contributed to modern day. One of the most recent ones is the "mind control wheelchair" for those who are completely paralyzed on their whole body. We aren't all short, or have squeeky voices, or have tiny eyes.
Stereotypes aren't real. If ALL Vietnamese (Asians in general) were small, squeeky voiced, only drive Hondas and Toyotas, eat dog, are Buddhist and have small eyes, then black people all love fried chicken, watermelon, listen to rap, basketball, giant eyes, love purple drank, driving in Cadilacs, and be over 6 feet tall. All white people would be listening to country, hunting, eating deer, and driving trucks.
by Viet's Perspective June 26, 2010
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n. Used to identify people who are from Vietnam. They often are quiet and hardworking individuals. Most common last names are Nguyen, Tran, and Le.
I live in a Vietnamese neighborhood
by Hau Nguyen August 13, 2005
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A word used to describe a person who considers himself a person of Vietnam.

A word used to describe the language used by the people of Vietnam.
Joseph has a Vietnameses girlfriend who was born in Vietnam. He will have to learn Vietnamese to be able to communicated with her relatives in Vietnam, who only speak Vietnamese fluently.
by latieungao June 25, 2009
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Very smart, friendly, warm-hearted people in the world. Vietnamese are so united and wonderful that could beat a lot of powerful countries in the war, including China, America, Mongolia, Japan. However, nowadays, they still forgive for other countries mistakes that caused a lot of Vietnamese death because they know that war is bad and peace is what everybody wants.
Did you talk to those Vietnamese students in our school?
Oh yeah, they are such a whiz kid and great people.
by Trang Nguyen March 21, 2006
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“Being Vietnamese is about riding in a Chinese motorbike to an local pub for a Lao beer, then travelling home, grabbing Cambodian common rat dishes on the way, phoning friends by a Finnish mobile phone, sitting on Italian furniture and watching Korean films on a Japanese TV every night as well."
*Vietnamese: I like these kinds of food such as squared sticky rice cakes, Pho, caramelised fish in claypot (ca kho to), Bun oc, Hu tieu, to name but a few.
*Korean: What about Lao beer? D'you like watching Korean films?
*Vietnamse: I do absolutely!
*Korean: You must be Vietnamese fo sho, man!
by quan cao tien August 11, 2010
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A significant language that is spoken in Vietnam. To a smaller degree, Vietnamese is communicated in nations, such as Cambodia, Laos, the USA, and France. Primarily, the Vietnamese language was a Yue language, similar to Cantonese which remains a non-Han language all along. Unfortunately, the Han dynasty conquered the Nan Yue Kingdom, nearly destroyed this language, and forced the Yue natives to write in Hanzi characters. About 1000 years that flew by, the Tang dynasty collapsed and the ancestors of the Vietnamese declared independence. While at that time, Vietnamese changed to become the Austroasiatic language to the likes of Khmer, Mon, Wa, or Munda, by reason of the Vietnamese Kingdom and the Thai Kingdom both strengthening to conquer Champa and South Vietnam (a former territory of the Khmer Empire). Furthermore, when the French conquered Vietnam, Vietnamese were no longer using Hanzi characters and used the Latin system for their written language as a substitute and even up to this present timeline.
Failing in Chinese propaganda, Chinese nationalists embarrassed themselves by stating that all Hong Kong protestors, particularly Joshua Wong, are Vietnamese, since they claimed that "Ng" in Cantonese is the same as in Vietnamese, Vietnamese has about 60% Chinese words, and Vietnamese culture is the same as Chinese culture. However, Vietnamese is now an Austroasiatic language. Also, Vietnamese culture is very different from Chinese culture, since Vietnamese people eat Pho as their main cuisine, they always follow matriarchy without almost any Confucious teachings, they play the Dong Son drum, they ride on elephants, they use guerilla warfare tactics in wars, and so on. What is more informational is that the Vietnamese were very experienced and they are recognized as the ones, who defeated and kicked out many foreign invaders, including the Mongol army, French troops, American troops, the Khmer Rouge, and Chinese PLA soldiers. In spite of North Vietnamese being closely related to Cantonese or Zhuang and South Vietnamese being closely related to Khmer or Malay, most Vietnamese people are tough badasses. Never mess with Vietnam!
by TheUnknown21 February 16, 2020
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